by: saraswathi nikhil  |  November 09 2013 11:00 [IST]
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For viewers tuning into Sakshi TV, sometimes it looks whether the channel exists only to preach others especially TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu and other political parties how self centered they are and how they don’t have humanity. In fact Sakshi also ran special programs on Naidu-NTR rift by the title ‘Aak Paak Kariveepak’ saying Naidu is renowned for using people for his gains and then dumping them. There is no doubt a truth in it. At this point of time, the focus should be more on their party agenda than mudslinging on others. At the same time now there seems to be some similar rumors doing the rounds that Jagan had only used his sister Sharmila to compensate for his absence but once he had come outside he shunted her due to a fear that she is getting more acclaim and support. This also happened during a break taken by Sharmila during her padyaathraa’s first phase where it was said that she had some ego issues with Bharathi and this led to halt. It was only after Sakshi management decided to air Sharmila’s yaathra without any bias that Sharmila resumed her yaathra. 

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