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      Sun, Jun 26, 2016 | Last Updated 7:00 pm IST

      Sakshi and Eenadu also splitting?

      Sakshi and Eenadu also splitting?
      Well this is not just the above two, but if reports are to be believed, than anyone else it is media houses which have already reportedly got a hint that bifurcation is certain and are making moves to bring out separate editions. We are talking about Sakshi and Eenadu. It is not just these both, but even Andhrajyothi, Surya, Vaasthu and all other media groups that have already started plans and are all set to implement them as soon as T-bill is passed. Though some of them may have Samaykhyandhra leanings, nevertheless they are also pursuing their own business strategies without fail. But few of the media houses are still positive that the state will remain united. As and when the bifurcation formally happens, they are all ready to have separate editions-one for Seemandhra and one for Telangana. In each state their edition will be highlighted while a dedicate column will be given inside for their fellow Telugu state! 
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      Some of the comments on my recent writing and some of the emails I've received have been... well, mean.