by: SNR  |  December 20 2013 16:00 [IST]
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According to the sources in the next General elections-2014 congress party is going to face tough fight to form the government in the country, because so many issues are keeping away the party from people. Mainly people are much irritated with congress on the following issues 1) 2G Scam 2) Coal Scam 3) Mumbai and Hyderabad serial Bomb blasts 4) Andhra Pradesh bifurcation 5) Increase in prices 6) Nirbhaya case 7) failing in most of the promises in 2009 elections 8) Turning out of Muslim votes 9) UPA inner fighting with TMC, SP and Sarad Pawar etc10)Lot of scams and many more…which will show much effect in the next General elections. So we can say anti-Congress wave is moving in the current Politics of the country, in this situation Congress party is trying to announce Rahul Gandhi as a Prime minister candidate. By failing in performance of UPA now BJP may gain lot of vote bank and even MODI wave is on swing. And there is a scope that people may Compare MODI and Rahul like MODI is much senior than Rahul in politics where people also consider the same. Even Results of recent 4 state assembly elections which may affect the general elections too. This may benefits to BJP as to win more no.of seats in 2014. But according the sources those 4 states are already ruled by BJP. Even then BJP is not having strong cadre like congress in all the states of our country which may impacts to BJP, when it comes to the General Elections the Local parties are going to play key role in majority of the states and even there is scope for third front. This would be realized by realized by both the parties. Even Mulayam Singh is also thinking that he wants to become prime minister. There are few more leaders across India who wants become prime minister. So let’s wait and watch there may be lot of changes occurred in political parties and in the NDA, UPA as well as Third Front. But these general elections are going to give tough competition among all the parties and it would be a great suspense? And number game is going to occur in these general elections. So all the best to everyone…..

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