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Nani Vs Bujji – Eluru Political Fight Nani Vs Bujji – Eluru Political Fight en-us Politics Analysis by Nani Vs Bujji – Eluru Political Fight 1/17/2014 7:14:00 PM Politics,Badeti,TDP,PRP,Congress,Nani,Eluru,Krishna,YSRCP, true
by: Chowdary Sirisha | January 17 2014 19:14 [IST]
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One more interesting fight is ahead between YSRCP and TDP in SA. In Eluru, Alla Nani (YSRCP) and Badeti Bujji (TDP) are the strong contenders in Eluru Segment. Both are from same community (Kapu). Nani was elected twice from Eluru as Congress Nominee and disqualified his membership after he voted in favor of No Confidence Motion in the Assembly last year. Nani is also close aide to YSRCP President YS Jagan. In 2009 elections, Badeti Bujji was contested from Eluru as PRP nominee and lost his election to Nani. TDP’s Ambika Krishna was in third place in 2009 elections. Reportedly, CBN has denied ticket to Ambika Krishna and assured him to send to Legislative Council. This makes clear to Bujji to join in TDP. Party has announced as TDP nominee soon after Bujji joined in TDP. Now both Nani and Bujji are seeking to gather support from their Community. As per buzz, whole Kapu Community is in favour of TDP this time. There are allegations towards Nani that he failed to do in touch after he won in 2009 elections. Both leaders are in fully participated in party activities. Nani involved in “Gadapa Gadapaku YSRCP” throughout his Segment where as Bujji has involved in “Intitinki Telugu Desam”. Congress has yet to declare its Nominee. But it’s very clear that the fight between TDP and YSRCP in inevitable in Eluru. Congress has nowhere to find after the announcement of Telangana.

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