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      Sat, Jul 23, 2016 | Last Updated 8:28 pm IST

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      Ramulamma angry with media

      Ramulamma angry with media
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       Though she is a full time politician and also a respectable Member of Parliament from Medak district, Vijayashanti is known closely by her character name Ramulamma. This was a role she did in the hit film ‘Ramulamma’. The Telangana masses know her more by that name. News is that Ramulamma is angry with media.  Recently she was sharing her thoughts when she revealed the reason for her absence during the Samarabheri and other important events of the TRS party. Vijayashanti reportedly stated that she was down with severe fever, cold and cough and that’s why she had to be absent. And here comes the best part.  It is heard that Ramulamma expressed her anger on the media as to why they didn’t come and check on her when she was sick. Whether she is indirectly mentioning that they should keep focus on her and give publicity or whether she is telling them to verify everything before speculating, only Ramulamma knows the truth.
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      Some of the comments on my recent writing and some of the emails I've received have been... well, mean.

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