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      Mon, Jul 25, 2016 | Last Updated 1:50 am IST

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      Chandrababu package for Yanamala brothers

      Chandrababu package for Yanamala brothers
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       Though there is a lot of shifting and jumping happening across many political parties, some of the senior leaders of the Telugu Desam Party are still stable and have no thoughts of shifting anywhere. One among them are the Yanamala brothers Ramakrishnudu and Krishnudu.  It is heard that Yanamala Ramakrishnudu has been vying hard to get into the parliament and here is an update. Sources say Chandrababu Naidu is happy with their loyalty and he has given a special package. According to that, Ramakrishnudu gets the chance to contest from Vizag as MP.  As for his brother Krishnudu, it is heard that he would be contesting for MLA’s seat from Tuni. The last election didn’t work for both brothers but this time they are very confident of getting back the power because they have managed to win the good confidence of the voters in their constituency.
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      Some of the comments on my recent writing and some of the emails I've received have been... well, mean.

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