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      Mon, Jul 25, 2016 | Last Updated 9:18 pm IST

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      Why was he targeted??

      Why was he targeted??
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      Just recently there was a major sensation across the TDP camp and this was with the news of senior leader and MLA Payyavula Kesav quitting the party and joining somewhere else. This was followed by a press meet and Payyavula Kesav breaking down in front of everyone and swearing his loyalty to TDP till his last breath.  All this is fine but many are now asking one more question. If this was the move of some opposition side people what is the reason behind targeting only Payyavula Kesav and creating such a strong buzz about his exit. Under normal situation, Payyavula is not a man who would make much noise or attack opposition aggressively.  Few others are stating if Payyavula really quit TDP and joined some other party how would the other party be benefited? How would it really damage TDP? Anyways, it is now clear and confirmed that Payyavula will never leave TDP. It remains to be seen whether Chandrababu will give a handsome reward for this loyalty during these tough times.
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      Some of the comments on my recent writing and some of the emails I've received have been... well, mean.

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