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      Tue, Jul 26, 2016 | Last Updated 5:38 pm IST

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      Spotlight- YSRCP’s future path

      Spotlight- YSRCP’s future path
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       The situation of the YSR Congress looks strong from distance and this is due to the various joining happening from other political parties. But still, there is one bitter fact the party is unable to digest. Their leader Y S Jaganmohan Reddy is still in jail and to make things worse no one knows when he can come out and if he will come out.  Many questions are making rounds such as "Will Jagan get bail in the second plea? Will YSRCP work more on bringing down the government more aggressively? In a way they can start using their hidden weapons ie MLA's looking forward to join within the party to achieve their objective.  But with their leader inside, what would be the strategy and future path of YSRCP? They have Y S Vijayamma who got into the frontline and started handling Hyderabad party office while Jagan’s sister Sharmila is on the roads as part of her Pada Yatra and is spreading their reach among the masses. Compared to Jagan, both are fairly inexperienced so they have to rely on the wisdom of the other senior leaders. But that will mean that the YS family will lose the grip over the party nodal point. So, it could only mean that sitting in the jail, Jagan cannot count the rods of his prison but he has to keep working constantly from inside to stabilize the boat instead of putting everything on Vijayamma and Sharmila.
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