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      Tue, Jun 28, 2016 | Last Updated 1:12 pm IST

      Internal fighting spoils M-drive

      Internal fighting spoils M-drive
       With the election season fast approaching in the year 2014, all the political parties across India are gearing up to increase their cadre and strength. As part of that, many of them are now initiating the membership drive and top among them is the congress party. Given its presence and reach across the nation, they are expected to reap maximum benefits.  But here is the ground reality situation in Andhra Pradesh. The Membership drive took off in a grand style but eventually it is falling into pieces because of only one reason, the internal clashes between congress leaders. Sources say groups have formed and each of them are trying to gain an upper hand.  In these internal fights, the main objective of getting outside individuals as members has gone for a toss. At a deeper level, the MLAs are not happy with DCC president, the ministers are not happy with those MLAs and no one is listening to anyone. This is reportedly the factual position of congress so where will the drive be successful.
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