Devineni Nehru takes most controversial land

November 29 2012 19:11
Devineni Nehru takes most controversial land
There was a time when Vijayawada was boiling with political gang wars and this was between the Vangaveeti and Devineni families. Eventually, after the death of Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga the wars came to an end and the killings stopped. But one man from that era is still alive and kicking.  He is none other than Devineni Nehru and sources say after that he got into land business and settlements. Now, it is heard that Devineni Nehru has used his power and taken a very controversial land in Hyderabad. This is situated in Road number 2, Banjara Hills quite close to the late YSR’s old residence.  Sources say this land was under a major struggle as many land grabbers, mafia, litigants had their eyes on it. But somehow, Nehru seems to have removed all of them and put his name on that. For someone who lives in Vijayawada, getting a land right in the heart of the city and that too the most controversial and expensive one is worth a thought.
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