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When is the auspicious time to worship Holika Dahan

When is the auspicious time to worship Holika Dahan
When is the auspicious time to worship Holika Dahan
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Holika Dahan, March 12 and March 13 is an auspicious Rngwali Holly. According to astrologer Binod Mishra evening 6 pm to 8 pm the night of 23 minutes up to 35 minutes is auspicious. In the same period Pradosh Holika Dahan is considered perfect.

Bhadra during Holika Dahan, do not. Bhadra period commencing on March 12 at 8 pm the evening of 4 hrs 23 mins 22 minutes remain. Bhadra has called many things and forbidden to celebrate many festivals.

When is the auspicious time to worship Holika Dahan

Bhadra dwells place three times. Heaven, hell and death public. Bhadra dwell in the heavens and the earth is, then it is not much danger. When it is dwell on death in public by mistake, it may not work Tue. Then he rebuked the Ganges water to purify. Make a pile of dry wood. Bonfire formally dedicated fire before worship. 

According to astrologer Binod Mishra worship should sit by while facing east or north. It is preferable to have the worship of a man of letters. The worship materials are manufactured from the dung of Holika and Prahalad in use format like symptoms, garland, Rowley, smell, floral, raw cotton, molasses, whole turmeric, green, Btashe, Holi, coconut, five or seven types of grains, wheat and other crops, new earrings and a pot with water to keep. Further large-Fuluri, desserts, sweets, fruit, etc. can also be paid. Seven circled around the bonfire.

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