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Benefits Of Curd Face Packs

Benefits Of Curd Face Packs
Benefits Of Curd Face Packs
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Curd is very good for health says  nutrition experts where  as curd is also very useful in improving the beauty say  beauticians.  Not to forget Curd found in every house is a beauty ingredient.  If you are trying out for a glowing face, there should definitely be curd in your beauty packs.

Benefits Of Curd Face Packs


If you wanted a glowing face in a short span of time … a little more ingredients needs to be added in order to put on face packs. Here is a list of curd based face packs.

Curd and Oats

Benefits Of Curd Face Packs

Take  1/4th cup of curd and in that add two spoons of oats powder , a spoonful of honey, and a little bit of lime juice. Mix these and apply it on the faceand  hands and then massage gently. Wash it after it goes dry. With this the dead cells will be vanished and skin remains fresh. The dark spots will also reduce.

Curd and Lime juice

Benefits Of Curd Face Packs

Take  1/4th cup of curd and add a table spoon of lime juice and badam oil. Leave this in the fridge for one hour.  Massage with this solution on hands. Leave it for 20 minutes. And clean it with lukewarm water. The skin surrounding the nails will turn smooth.

Curd and Honey

Benefits Of Curd Face Packs

Take two spoons of curd and add half spoon of honey. Apply this mixture to the face and leave it. After drying  clean the face. Honey in this mixture will give moist to the skin where as curd gives freshness to the skin.  This is a useful tip for those having dry skin.

Curd Prevents from Sun tan and hair problems

Benefits Of Curd Face Packs

People who spend much of their time outside will have sun effect on them. With this their skin turns dark and face hair problems also. Take 1/4th lime juice and add it to the curd and along with this take three table spoons of olive oil . Aplly to the hair and also put it as a face pack. Take a shower after half an hour. The hair loss will reduce and also the face will have a glowing effect.

Benefits Of Curd Face Packs
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