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Thu, Jul 18, 2019 | Last Updated 10:18 am IST

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Bad effect of wearing High Heels

Bad effect of wearing High Heels
Bad effect of wearing High Heels

The ankle, leg, and back damage that await women who frequently wear high heels are not enough to dissuade most. Even when they feel the effects after around an hour of walking around. A recent study conducted at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte has found that although wearing high heels initially strengthens a woman’s ankle muscles, it eventually leads to instability and weakening of those same muscles.

"With prolonged use you get muscle shortening in the back of the leg and muscle lengthening in the front of the leg. These changes in muscle length then can change muscle strength,” Turner added. "High-heeled shoes also change the normal walking or gait cycle, with the ultimate result being a less fluent gait cycle. Changes at the ankle cause the muscles higher in the leg and back to lose efficiency and strength. It also changes the load the bones in and around the knee have to absorb, which can ultimately lead to injury."

Bad effect of wearing High Heels

Stretch your lower leg muscles by using a towel to pull your foot to your body for 30 seconds. Strengthen big lower leg and ankle muscles by using a theraband to resist ankles as they push up, out, and in, or strengthen small lower leg and ankle muscles by picking up objects off the floor. Balance by standing on one leg for 30 seconds at a time.

Bad effect of wearing High Heels
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