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Sat, Feb 24, 2018 | Last Updated 5:17 pm IST

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Protecting lungs from air pollution

Protecting lungs from air pollution
Protecting lungs from air pollution
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Smoking cigarette is the major cause for lung disease and pulmonary disease too. Cigarette smoke narrows air passage of toughens the breathing. Secondary smoking is also another reason for lung infection. When a person smokes he is also infected and the one who is standing next to him is also infected by the smoke and gets lung infection.

Protecting lungs from air pollution

Few breathing exercises helps to boosts lung function. Keep a hand over one side of the nose and breathe in through the other nostril. Breathe out through the other and leave the air through the other one. While sleeping never breathe through your mouth as air passage gets shrink and so breathing will be made tougher. Practice doing breathing exercises daily for five to ten minutes and make it a habit every day which ensures healthy lungs.

Protecting lungs from air pollution

Lungs are unseen soldiers in our body which protects our body from entering foreign particles into it. Dietary supplements may cost more but has no side effects and we should be ready to invest for protecting our health on a daily basis as 'Good health is a daily thing'. Health is wealth but are we eating nutritious foods maintaining balanced diet. Optimal health means having good nutrition, good sleep, exercise and positive mental attitude.

Protecting lungs from air pollution

Protecting lungs from air pollution
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