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Fri, Sep 21, 2018 | Last Updated 2:10 pm IST

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Centrifugal Health (Part I) By Dr. Alagu Manivannan

Centrifugal Health (Part I)  By Dr. Alagu Manivannan
Centrifugal Health (Part I) By Dr. Alagu Manivannan
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Warm Greetings Usually we all thought of hygiene and health starts from within rather from outside environment. But actually health emerges from pure and sure atmosphere ie., from periphery to center (Centrifugal in nature). The ultimate epitome of providing potentially sure and pure atmosphere is the green plantations like sincerely Planting the Trees with utmost care and dedication in which you can emphasize the Divine and Humanity.

Centrifugal Health (Part I)  By Dr. Alagu Manivannan

Here is why I am strongly emphasizing the green plantations; say for real (virtual) example, a single broad leaf of a plantain tree generates more than 40 liters of oxygen per day the eternal life giving pollutant less air upon which all the living-beings solely depends for survival prior to water and food. Think of natural world how they tirelessly without single penny expectation nourish the living-beings. For example the approximate cost of commercial oxygen cylinder ranges from Rs. 800 to Rs. 1500/ 20 liters (Rs. 40-80/ liter) ie around Rs. 8000 worth of oxygen is generated daily by a single tree at absolutely free of cost (Great Salute to the TREES).

Centrifugal Health (Part I)  By Dr. Alagu Manivannan

The ward robing trees of Mother Nature not only providing pure life and air, but also yields lot of nutrient rich food and retains potable water. In nut shell, we (each and every life-being) all simply and fulfill depends upon the TREES. One thing we should keep in mind ie.. Mother’s trees and plants can immensely survive without the aid of human beings; in contrary humans absolutely cannot so. Beware how our ancestors gave much tribute and importance to trees and plants as seen in temples as 'Sthala Viricham' and even anointing and worshiping them in order to follow and obeying the law of Mother Nature to lead healthful and peaceful life. Finally Trees can solve the crisis of global warming as they can trap carbon dioxide in a big way. In this fast paced world are we planting trees to save our environment and future generations.

Centrifugal Health (Part I)  By Dr. Alagu Manivannan

Centrifugal Health (Part I)  By Dr. Alagu Manivannan
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