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COLOUR Your Diet everyday

COLOUR Your Diet everyday
COLOUR Your Diet everyday

Colorful fruits and vegetables , grains, legumes, nuts and teas provide wide range of Vitamins, Minerals and rich source of Phytonutrients. Variety is equally important as quantity of fruits and vegetables. Variety gives us choice of more colors in our diet which signifies the range of natural nutrients (Phytonutrients) in that fruit or vegetable. The range of color can give you all the Phytonutrients you need to maintain healthy lifestyle.

COLOUR Your Diet everyday

1.  So, admit it there is a GREEN vegetable you don't like, that you haven't liked since you were a kid because you were forced to choke it down before you could eat dessert right?. Try spinach or peas in a soup , a fresh salad with lot of lettuce, grill up green vegetable kababs or eat season favorite vegetables and mix veg with lot of greens.

2.  Think of ORANGE AND YELLOW color on the corn, cut up lemons in lemonade and grilled skewers with summer squash, yellow hot peppers, even juicy pineapple. Peaches, apricots and of course oranges make quick juicy drink. This color supports healthy immunity, cardiovascular health, vision health and skin hydration.

3.  Red apples, tomatoes and strawberries are good places to start or go exotic with pomegranates and watermelon. Spice up a salad with sweet red peppers, tomatoes and radishes. Red color supports cell, prostate, vascular, immune and DNA health.

4.  Purple happens to be the color of royalty. Purple color gives cognitive health, heart health, antioxidant protection. Foods in the blue and purple color support heart, brain and bone health. White color supports healthy enzyme function, healthy bone metabolism.

COLOUR Your Diet everyday
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