King of Kings : Shoban babu 6th VardanthiEmbeded Image
Shoban babu the beautiful king of Indian film industry (January 14, 1937 – March 20, 2008) 6th Vardanthi brings out all his old and golden memories. Shoban babu made his debut with Daivabalam under the direction of Vijaykanth reddy. But Bhakta Sabari released earlier at Box office and they did not give him a better start.  His versatile acting skills gave him plenty of roles and plenty of awards, he is offered with 5 Nandi Awards and four film fare awards. He also received Rastrapathi award for his performance in Bangaru Panjaram. Not just a hero he even played some special supporting roles and impressed much family audience, he is carrying a huge female following in 90’s. Shoban babu after leaving his film career settled in a Real Estate business and earned a lot, he was asked by many stars and directors to come back to film industry but he refused to do that, he said that “People imagined me as a hero and they saw me as a hero, I can’t come with father or grandfather role and make my hero look low”. Shoban babu is offered grandfather role for “Athadu” movie but her refused to do that, later Naazer replaced that role. 6 years back the king of kings left his last breathe; he fell from steps after a heavy exercise. There might be many actors in industry but no one can replace Shoban babu garu ever.  
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