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Sun, Feb 24, 2019 | Last Updated 7:07 am IST

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Deadpool Movie Review, Rating

- 3/5
Deadpool Movie Review, Rating

What Is Good

  • Casting
  • Humour
  • Action
  • Editing

What Is Bad

  • Nothing
Bottom Line: 'Deadpool' is pure unadulterated FUN !


Before we start the review, we assure you that this is the first installment of 'Deadpool' franchise. 'Deadpool' already appeared in X-Men Wolverine but his face is disfigured due to the change of timelines which happened in X-Men : Days of Future Past. The movie begins with lots of flashbacks. The movie is about Wade Wilson who was a former special ops soldier. He falls in love with Vanessa. Wade gets cancer and he looks out for a radical treatment which ultimately leads him to meet Ajax who is a mad scientist. He wants to unlock Wade's mutant genes and turn him as a Super Slave to the highest bidder. This sends Wade to a mission of revenge and also with hope he can reverse his disfigurement. 

Star Performance

Ryan Renolds as Wade/Deadpool is just kick ass. He is one of the major reasons why Deadpool works. He grabs the chance right this time. He is charismatic, exuberant, and larger-than-life. The Marvel comic character was brought to life by Ryan Renold's physical performance and subtle CGI effects. And more over he never closes his mouth for a second. He keeps on attacking the audience with his witty one-liners, put-downs and meta fictional asides. It’s relentless stuff. The movie has lots of crass humour. The strongest aspect of the movie is its humour factor. He gets into unexpected situations and he sets the tone in a comedy mood. Deadpool plays it safe when it comes to its choice of plot and villains. Even the idea of revenge differs from other super heroes. Deadpool’s take on this sequence features him chasing leads and murdering those who have done him wrong with bloody style. Ed Skrein as Ajax doesn't have the potential to be the villain. But he has done justice to his role. Morena Baccarin's screen space is limited. 

Techinical Team

The movie keeps its glory due to the well crafted action with more humour. Choreography is completely stylish in ever frame. He switches elegantly between pistols and katanas. He breaks bones and always provides commentary on the scenario. Tim Miller who himself is an Animator and Visual effects artist took all pains to ensure that the movie gets the deserved CGI. The soundtrack is more of background noise. There are lots of explosions, gun shots and body slams. Junkie XL's music however works on few action scenes. Ken Seng's cinematography is fabulous. Julian Clarke keeps the run time on check. The entire movie just runs for about 108 minutes. 


Deadpool entirely relies on the comedy factor and they have worked to an extent. The movie is mainly watchable because of the lead character. The action scenes have palpable rhythm and that is what gives the best ! Zombieland writers clearly understood the pulse of audience and they have pulled the trick exactly.

Cast & Crew

3 / 5 - 652
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