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Thu, Oct 17, 2019 | Last Updated 2:23 pm IST

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eedo rakam aado rakam(edo rakam ado rakam) telugu movie review rating

- 2/5
eedo rakam aado rakam(edo rakam ado rakam) telugu movie review rating ఈ సినిమా రివ్యూ ను తెలుగులో చదవండి

What Is Good

  • Vishnu
  • Raj Tarun Comedy
  • Rajendra Prasad
  • Music

What Is Bad

  • lag in the story
  • Missing mass elements
Bottom Line: Eedorakam Aadorakam together gave laughter


Arjun(Manchu Vishnu), Aswin( Raj Tarun)are friends. Arjun is the son of Lawyer Narayana(Rajendra Prasad) where Aswin is the son of S.I Koteswar Rao (Posani Krishna Murali). They both enjoy their lives without any responsibilities where Arjun falls for Neelaveni(Sonarika Badoria) in Kishore(Vennala Kishore) marriage. But she has condition that she will love only an orphan where Arjun acts as orphans and gains Neelaveni’s heart.

Neelaveni’s brother Dattu(Abhimanyu Singh) is fond of her sister, accepts their love and arranges their marriage in register office no time. Though Arjun has a family, he couldn’t open the secret and marries Neelaveni. Story starts here. Neelaveni comes to Arjun’s house as tenant where Aswin acts as her husband to cover their marriage. On the other side, Aswin loves Supriya(hebba Patel).

Supriya’s brother Gaja(Supreet) intends to meet Aswin. Following Arjun’s advice, the meeting is arranged in Arjun’s house. Who is the husband of Neelaveni? Arjun? Aswin? Whom did Supriya love? What are they doing in Lawyer Narayana’s house? What’s the reason for Narayana’s confusion? Is the remaining story.

Star Performance

For stories like ‘Eedorakam Aadorakam’ experienced actors are needed. It seems both Vishnu and Tarun have justified their roles. Vishnu shows the ease of acting in ‘Dhee’ movie here and Raj Tarun entertained as seen in his earlier movies. Totally movie goes on with powerful energy where all the four actress gave their best out for this movie. especially Sonarika gets good feedback for this movie compared to earlier movies.

Hebba who is still popular as Kumari, has shown her mark of acting in this movie too. Vishnu-Sonarika, Raj-Hebba pairs look awesome. Nata Kireeti Rajendra Prasad gave good attempt to burst laughter. Especially the attempt to know whats happening in his home gives audience good entertainment. Comedy between Ravi Babu and Rajendra Prasad is also good.

Techinical Team

For a colourful movie, not only to cast, director and producer work hard, it is the responsibility of all sections to work. This happened exactly in ‘Eedorakam Aadorakam’. The team could successfully give a cool movie in hot summer.

Captain of the ship G.Nageswar Rao showed his direction talent with this movie. His commitment for comedy movies is known once again.

Another highlight of the movie is music. Sai Karthik, new music director, is giving new beats which is one of the main reasons for movie’s success. Songs seems average and background score is an assert for the movie. Cameraman Sidharth Verma’s work is appreciable. Both the heros look handsome in the movie. More focus on heroines than heros stood as centre of attraction. For confusion stories like this, editing should be done carefully. Or audience will get confused. M.R.Varma avoided such inconvenience. A.K Entertainment production values are very rich. Dimond Ratnam helped the movie produced by Ram Brahmam Sunkara.


Continuing Mohan Babu’s hereditary in acting; Manchu Vishnu is waiting for a block buster success since many years. it seems Vishnu should still work hard. Raj Tarun, with hatrick hits cooled down with ‘Sitamma Andalu…’ with this two hero’s combination, as apt for the title ‘Eedorakam Aadorakam’ , they mould their body language in order to characterization.

Vishnu went forward with his timing where Raj Tarun goes with punch dialogues. Especially Vishu said a silly lie as he is an orphan put his friend in trouble outputs good comedy. Dattanna, Gajanna, shown as powerful rowdies becomes fools at the end.

Jocker of the movie is Narayana( Rajendra Prasad). Shocking thing is, though he is a lawyer, he could not find out what is happening in his home.

Cast & Crew

4 / 5 - 47
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