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Wed, Apr 24, 2019 | Last Updated 4:09 am IST

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Krishan Sri Sri Telugu Movie Review And Rating

- 2/5
Krishan Sri Sri Telugu Movie Review And Rating READ THIS MOVIE REVIEW IN ENGLISH


  • Krishna
  • First half
  • Few thrilling scenes


  • Predictable screenplay
  • Old story
  • Second half wanders out of the story
ఒక్క మాటలో: Another run-of-the-mill Revenge drama which is good in first half alone !

చిత్ర కథ

Super Star Krishna is back to the Silver screen after a brief hiatus. What makes 'Sri Sri' even more special is the movie also features his wife Vijaya Nirmala and their son Naresh. The movie got released today. So according to plot, Sri Sri (Krishna) is a Law college professor who leads a happy easy going life with his spouse (Vijaya Nirmala) and daughter Swetha. Swetha is a journalist and she reveals a deadly scam which involves Bikshapati(Posani) and JK(Murali Sharma). Swetha decides to stand against them adn she approaches cops and gets murdered by JK and Bikashapati's sons. Sri Sri tries to go through law to punish them , but they are set free and as he is left with no other way, he decides to kill them and get his revenge. The rest of the story is all about how Sri Sri gets his revenge !

నటీనటుల ప్రతిభ

Super Star Krishna fits in shoes of Law college professor perfectly. His dialogue delivery is still powerful and the team has used him to perfection.  He is so good in the 'Revenge' scenes. Vijaya Nirmala as loving wife does her part well. She does justice to her role. Naresh also did a decent job. Angana Roy as journalist scores in places. But her lip sync is too bad. Murali Sharma and Posani doesn't do much as antagonist. The background score deserves a special mention. Rest of the supporting cast have done justice to the roles.

సాంకేతికవర్గం పనితీరు

The first half of the movie is too good. The revenge episodes are too interesting and the movie moves at a good pace. And after that, the second half gets a tad disappointing. The director has clearly failed in second half. This is because, he has covered most of the story in the first half itself. He is left aloof at second half. Also the movie has several flashbacks and that irritates the audience. Also each scene is highly predictable. Few scenes are so silly too. Few things are left hanging and some things should have been added to make things obvious for audience.

చిత్ర విశ్లేషణ

The movie brings Krishna to silver screen after a long hiatus and the come back movie is neither impressive nor disappointing. It is an average outing. The positive factors are Krishna's characterization and some exciting revenge scenes in first half. But the second half is completely a disaster. The story is predictable and the repeated flashback scenes test our patience.

కాస్ట్ అండ్ క్రూ

4 / 5 - 1258
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