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Thu, Nov 15, 2018 | Last Updated 11:25 am IST

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- 1.5/5
AATADUKUNDAM RAA : REVIEW ఈ సినిమా రివ్యూ ను తెలుగులో చదవండి

What Is Good

  • Sonam's glamour
  • Background score

What Is Bad

  • Editing
  • Music
  • Cinematography
  • Direction
  • Screenplay
Bottom Line: An Absurd comedy which tests audience patience


'Aatadukunam Raa' is yet another romantic genre in Tollywood. The movie features Sushanth and Sonam Bajwa in lead roles. G.Nageswara Reddy has shaped the project. The movie also features Brahmanandam, Murali Sharma, Posani Krishna Murali and Prudhvi in supporting cast. So let's see how the movie has fared. Vijay Ram (Sushanth) who is a US return comes to India to visit Murali Sharma's house. He enters in disguise as his nephew. The movie begins with flashback where Sushanth’s father was a best friend of Murali Sharma, but due to villain’s cunning plot to get away with the property of Murali Sharma, the villain uses Sushanth’s father as a medium and puts him in the controversy. Murali Sharma who is also father of female lead believes Sushant's father helped villain to snatch his property. Now this misunderstanding breaks Murali's friendship with Sushant's father. Why Sushant comes to Murali's house ? How he fooled villain Sushanth Ram ? Why Time Machine is brought inside this story ? Follow answers on Silver screen.

Star Performance

Sushanth needs to mature as an actor. Of course, he is struggling actor and he must shape his career. But he once again makes an amateur acting. His voice modulation is the biggest plus. Sonam Bajwa is just used for skin show and the makers restrict her role to skin show. She is just used for shaking legs. Audience were taken by surprise to see Akhil Akkineni and Naga chaitanya.  There is a reason for the cameo of Naga Chaitanya’s presence in the movie but the presence of Akhil is illogical. Akhil just pops up and then disappears. What is the reason behind that ? Sonam’s costumes and skin show will work in B and C centers.30 years Pruthvi evokes laughter as TV serial director. His scenes along with Sushanth has shaped so well.

Techinical Team

The movie has nothing when it comes to story line. In fact, the story is completely outdated. The first 20 minutes of the movie is alone interesting. Later the movie falls flat. The movie also fails to pick up the pace. The second half of the movie is too sluggish and the unrelated comedy tests patience. As time runs out, the movie also gets more silly. Songs are just hindrance to the flow of the movie. Brahmanandam and Vennela Kishore are totally wasted in badly written cliche characters. Anup Rubens music is even more sloppy. Screenplay is lagging and sluggish. Cinematography is also mediocre. Nothing new in frame angles or lightings. After tasting success with Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam, director Nageshwar Reddy teamed up with Sushanth. But he has failed to deliver the goods this time. The director has failed to analyze the script and that is obvious. 


The movie is another run-of-the-mill comedy entertainer. However an improper story with a weak screenplay has pulled the movie down. Sonam’s costumes and skin show will work in B and C centers.Sushanth and Prudhvi try hard to lift the movie, but it is completely let down due to a weak script. The movie tests patience of audience with some poor editing too.

Cast & Crew

3 / 5 - 902
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