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Sun, Feb 24, 2019 | Last Updated 5:11 am IST

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Kong: Skull Island Movie Review, Rating

- 3/5
Kong: Skull Island Movie Review, Rating ఈ సినిమా రివ్యూ ను తెలుగులో చదవండి

What Is Good

  • Casting
  • CGI overload
  • Story
  • Cinematography

What Is Bad

  • Transition between scenes
  • Dialogues
  • Editing
Bottom Line: Kong is the King and he is undeniably entertaining!


It is year 1971 where a team of scientists, soldiers, adventurers unites to explore an island in the South Pacific which has rumours that there were creatures both prehistoric and monstrous are supposed to live. And as they enter, the tem faces the mighty Kong. Their mission becomes a question of survival. Will they survive to tell their story? What happened to the explorers? Watch out the answers on the big screen.

Star Performance

The cast here is pretty impressive, they went the extra mile to get the best acting talents. Tom Hiddleston is perfect and he could have carried the movie. But he gets a decent spot. Brie Larson has done a meaty job and she escalates her role. amuel L. Jackson was decent, he gets more over-the-top as the movie goes along but he fits. But what is more surprising is the supporting characters. They steal the show completely. John.C.Reily gets the best performance till date. Jason Mitchell was a surprise package too. John Goodman's character alone was disappointing. May be it was his role which made him disappointing.

Techinical Team

The biggest strength of the movie is the screenplay. They have made some cool characters and their motivations are loud and clear. Also the movie ended up a lot funnier than expected. The color tone also reminds us Indiana Jones a lot. Action choreography deserves a special mention here. Kong is a force of nature and the way he decimates all the enemy larger-life reptiles is amazing and violent. The Production values are high and obviously it has CGI overload. The movie also has stylish camera work. On the flip side, the forest background tests our patience after a while. 


Kong: Skull Island pays homage to Apocalypse. It's not just Kong, all creatures looked super cool and the stunts between them were even more good. Watch it in IMAX 3D to get the full effect. The characters are evenly balanced. The story is even more good. On the flip side, the transition between scenes never fit together at all. Even though the movie is rated as PG-13, it may be a bit intense for young audience. The movie also combines a solid cast with state of the art special effects to take a new twist on the standard adventure fare.

Cast & Crew

3 / 5 - 545
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