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Wed, Jan 23, 2019 | Last Updated 7:23 am IST

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Allu Arjun DJ DUVVADA JAGANNADHAM Movie Review, Rating

- 2.5/5
Allu Arjun DJ DUVVADA JAGANNADHAM Movie Review, Rating ఈ సినిమా రివ్యూ ను తెలుగులో చదవండి

What Is Good

  • Allu Arjun
  • Pooja Hedge glamour
  • Comedy
  • Action
  • Music
  • Cinematography
  • Screenplay

What Is Bad

  • Editing
  • Storyline
  • Stereotypical characters
Bottom Line: This 'DJ' will make you dance to his tunes!


Allu Arjun iS Duvvada Jagannadham and he enters as a Brahmin guy who looks after Annapurna catering and faces many problems due to a villain who targets his family. Rao Ramesh comes with a twist in the story and DJ is forced to go on a mission in order to stop the threat from affecting his family. What mission is it? Did he save Rao Ramesh and his family? Why the villain targetted him? Watch the answers on the big screen

Star Performance

DJ is action comedy movie which is co-written and directed by Harish Shankar. The movie is bankrolled by Dil Raju under the banner Sri Venkateshwara Creations Company. The movie features Allu Arjun and Bollywood industry's Mohenjo-Daro fame actress Pooja Hegde in leading roles. Devi Sri Prasad had scored the music outstandingly. Allu Arjun’s superb dancing style is phenomenal. His body dances with him like a rubber. His fans will have a great feast in seeing his Brahmin slang of dialogues. Actors like Rao Ramesh, Murali Sharma, Vennela Kishore and Tanikella Bharani have done justice to their roles.

Techinical Team

Ayanika Bose had looked after the cinematography work for the movie. The editing part was portrayed by Chota K. Prasad. The movie's running time is 160 minutes. Initially, the director had approached Shruthi Hassan and Kajal Aggarwal for portraying female lead in the movie. Finally, Pooja Hegde was booked for the movie to romance Allu Arjun. The movie teammates placed a statute of Lord Shiva in Chennakeshava Temple which is situated in Belur. This is against the custom and tradition of the temple and opposed by the temple priests. An intro song called as 'Saranam Bhaje Bhaje' was sung by Vijay Prakash. Songs like Mechukko, Seeti Maar and Gadilo Badilo Madilo songs are the asset for the movie. The songs are shot at Abu Dhabi and the location chosen was extremely superb.


Allu Arjun's stylish dance poses adds beauty to the movie. Tanikella Bharani and Rao Ramesh’s entry is crucial. Pooja Hegde and Allu’s chemistry has worked very well. The second half is filled with emotional sentiments. Comedy scenes are excellent and the songs are the asset for the movie. Romantic scenes and action scenes have come beautifully. Harish Shankar has made a stylish movie to fill the shoes of Allu Arjun's demands and he has succeeded in it.


3:40am: A completely entertaining climax and the movie ends on a hilarious note. Keep watching this space for complete review.


3:36am: DJ completely uses Subbaraju to accomplish hi mission and completely entertaining scenes between the hero and the villain.


3:32am: Bunny plays mind game with villains and the movie is heading towards climax

3:28am: DJ meets Subbaraju and is trying to find out some facts from him. In that process, comedy scenes are back.


3:23am: Some romance between Allu Arjun and Pooja leads to another song 'NTR, ANR, Megastar'.


3:19am: DJ finds some facts about the villain and he is on a mission to track him. Pooja helps him.


3:15am: Allu Arjun and police officer Murali Sharma's discussion on a serious issue leads to a superb fight scene.


3:09am: Villains are trying to seek some important truth and they target DJ's family. Time for some emotional scenes.


3:03am: Crucial scenes featuring Bunny and Rao Ramesh are on.


2:58am: Time for a song sequence, 'Box Baddhalai Poi'... Bunny's dance steps are good.


2:53am: A cute proposal scene between Allu Arjun and Pooja. Harish Shankar has shown his mettle.


2:47am: Post interval the movie begins with comedy scenes between Pooja and her father.


2:35am: First Half Report - Bunny is the soul of the movie. His dialogue delivery and Brahmin slang is too good. Pooja Hedge's hotness will make everyone drool. 3 songs and 3 fights completed. A bit lengthy but entertaining.


2:32am: Another action block and we have a twist to the tale followed by another conversation between Bunny and Rao. It's INTERMISSION.


2:30am: The movie is heading towards Interval as an interesting convo happens between Rao Ramesh and Posani.


2:27am: Visuals of the song were too good as they were shot at Dubai. Choreography is also catchy.


2:25am: Pooja falls in love with bunny and it's time for the third song 'Gudilo Badilo Madilo'. DSP has shown his talent


2:22am: Subburaju also enters the scene and funny scenes between Pooja and Subbaraju are going on.


2:17am: Posani Krishna Murali comes into the scene as Pooja Hedge's dad and he is a close friend of Rao Ramesh.


2:14am: Allu Arjun comes to know the real reason behind the trouble in Chandra Mohan's life and he wants to solve it. We have another heavy duty action scene.


2:12am: Emotional scenes between Allu Arjun and senior actor Chandra Mohan are on. 


2:07am: Another song sequence, 'Mecchuko Mecchukoo'. Bunny is too good in this song. His costumes are a treat!


2:04am: Pooja Hedge is too hot and too gorgeous. Funny scenes between Allu Arjun and Hedge are going on. They light up the screen.


1:57am: We have more comedy sequences in the follow up. Allu Arjun is just too good with his Brahmin accent and his dialogue delivery is effing perfect.


1:52am: Vennela Kishore also joins the scene and comedy scenes are going on between bunny and Vennela Kishore.


1:48am: The gorgeous Pooja Hedge makes her entry after the intro song. She is too beautiful in DJ Duvvada Jagannadham.


1:44am: Time for intro song 'DJ Saranam Bhaje Bhaje', Allu Arjun's heroism is shown in the backdrop.


1:37am: The most expected fan moment. A fight sequence happens and the stunts are too stylish and interesting.


1:34am: Murali Sharma makes his entry as Police boss. Some crucial scenes are shown right now.


1:31am: Jhansi makes her entry and we have funny scenes on the screen. 


1:27am: Seems Allu Arjun has done his home work. His sland and dialogues as a Brahmin is too good.


1:21am: Bunny makes a roaring entry as Duvvada Jagannadham! Fans are going berserk on seeing him.


1:17am: Bunny's childhood portion is shown now in Duvvada Jagannadham Telugu Movie Review, Rating


1:13am: Tanikella Bharani and other supporting cast are introduced as Annapurna catering crew. 


1:08am: Duvvada Jagannadham Telugu Movie starts and the running time is just 156 minutes long.


1:04am: Allu Arjun is back after the success of 'Sarrainodu'. Let's see how the movie has shaped up.


1:00am: Hai Telugu Movie Lovers Good Morning welcome to the tweets live updates of Duvvada Jagannadham Telugu Movie.

Cast & Crew

3 / 5 - 20116
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