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Thu, Sep 19, 2019 | Last Updated 8:03 am IST

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- 3.5/5

What Is Good

  • Casting
  • Cinematography (IMAX 70mm)
  • Music
  • Editing
  • Direction
  • Low on CGI

What Is Bad

  • Complex Narration
  • Minimal dialogues
Bottom Line: Nolan's Best after INCEPTION!


Dunkirk is all set to hit screens on this Friday and Team APHERALD brings you EXCLUSIVE REVIEW as the New York Premieres are completed. Master Story-teller Christopher Nolan is back and this time he has chosen History as his genre. The movie is about a group of allied soldiers from Belgium, France and the British Empire surrounded by German Army on the beaches of Dunkirk.

The whole movie narrates the experience of evacuating 400,000 people during the early stages of World War II. Even though the plot seems easy, it's not the same easy way to craft it and visualize it on-screen. But for Nolan, it's always a piece of cake. All the happenings, happen between May 26 to June 4, 1940.

Star Performance

Christopher Nolan has used his cast to perfection. He allowed everyone to showcase the fear and the survival emotions in free flow. He gave them full freedom and there is no clutch at any instant from the director. Tommy, Fionn Whitehead makes an impressive debut and they are beyond awesome. And what's best about this movie is, there is no real male lead in this movie. That's one of the most pivotal high points. No cliches. Tom Hardy as Farrier is the only known face in this cast. Most of the movie is about collecting a bunch of Soldiers from the shallows and survival. 

SPOILER ALERT: You won't see an enemy in this movie as you actually won't see any German face. The enemies all you can see is torpedo attacks and bombs dropping from planes. Barry Keoghan's screen space is limited but still, he pulled it off very well. Cillian Murphy is fab as always and he is seen as a shell-shocked Soldier. Mark Rylance dominates the show as a father who serves his country and shows bravery which never faded. Nolan clearly had a perfect mix of Young actors to show how inexperienced soldiers were during the World War II. Tom Hardy is just like a chameleon and...

Techinical Team

The best thing about Christopher Nolan is he doesn't rely much on CGI even though that is the trend. Most of the movies are shot inside studios with the Green mat.  But he made everything realistic. In fact, sometimes you get a feel as if you watch World War II footage as we see grains on the screen. Simply Masterful from Nolan. When it comes to Music, Hans Zimmer and Nolan makes an adorable combo.

Dunkirk is just Phenomenal and the movie begins with a ticking clock and the tension grips us every second passing by. Thanks to Hans Zimmer to make us glued to the edge of the seats. The movie doesn't have many dialogues and it's more about emotions scattered throughout. The cinematography was absolutely spot on. Very few times, all pieces fall together in the right places and Dunkirk is one among them.


The movie is just 1 hour and 46 minutes long and the movie has minimal dialogues and maximum character development. It's not easy to craft a War based movie with the right History. But Nolan makes it so easy. The movie shows what Courage, Bravery is all about. The whole movie is just a feast for both Eyes and Ears. The whole movie is about Young soldiers fighting for survival. The casting, Music, Editing, cinematography, Minimal CGI work have been too effective. Nolan has an impressive filmography and Dunkirk stands tall among everything else.

On the flip side, the movie relies heavily on Music and minimal dialogues. Even though it proves effective for a war movie, there could have been some dialogues conveyed between the soldiers at least. And as always, Christopher Nolan goes with a Non-linear narration which will leave us in chaos. Definitely, it would take us some time to understand. The complexity of the screenplay is where lies Nolan's mind. 

Cast & Crew

3 / 5 - 8787
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