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Mon, Feb 19, 2018 | Last Updated 1:12 pm IST

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- 3/5
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What Is Good

  • Ajith
  • Cinematography
  • Editing
  • Screenplay
  • Action scenes

What Is Bad

  • Few VFX shots
  • Gadgets used
  • Routine cliches in few places
Bottom Line: A Prime example of the way highly styled entertainment should be


Ajay Kumar (AK) is an International agent who works along with five of his besties. He handles various tough missions and his friends are his backbone as they lift and support each other. He gets married to Kajal and is living a dream come true life. However, things take a turn as he goes in search of a weapon drive and hacker Natasha (Akshara). He is hunted and backstabbed by own friends and how he gets his revenge and demolishes the weapon drive forms the rest of the story.

Star Performance

Ajith has proved his versatility once again. He is a fantastic actor and apart from showing his perfectly toned body and abs he also flexes his acting muscles (Credits to Siva for utilizing him). He is subjected to all sorts of things, which includes some excruciating torture sequences. Those scenes are powerful and painful on its own.  Ajith just keeps getting better and better as he is now more able to lose himself in a role. He looks in great shape and now the real challenge is for other directors to show him in even better shape and challenging role!

Ajith is one of the favorite actors for millions of people as it is his ability to bring intensity and grit to every role he plays (be it Mankatha or Arrambam or Yennai Arindhaal), making all the characters real and believable time in and time out. He steals the show and makes the movie a lot better, as he shoulders the movie in almost every scene in one way or other. Without his commanding and charismatic presence, the movie would definitely sink! Ajith delivers yet another winner of a show, showcasing his ability to grow into even more matured adult roles.

His role in the movie is strikingly similar to his position in his career. He is in between commercial and adult authoritative roles. Kajal Aggarwal gets a role of a life time and her chemistry with 'Thala' Ajith is totally mesmerizing. She is too beautiful and in particular scenes, she proved that she is not just a glam doll. Akshara Haasan manages to put a great performance in her debut.

Karunakaran as APS evokes laughter at places. He underplayed and that's a wise choice. What makes the movie a lot better is the solid choice of supporting actors which add a subtle layer of comedy and improvisation and that helps a lot to build some suspense in the audience. Vivek Oberoi, Serge Crozon, Amila Terzimehic have done justice to their roles and they have contributed enormously. These supporting actors itself have done a wonderful job. 

Techinical Team

Director Siva has crafted one of the best Action- Suspense movies and he blended it with the artistry of unique talents.  He has been consistent as a filmmaker and has occasional flashes of genius in his movies. He often seems to make steady, good, interesting and entertaining movies. The same applies here with 'Vivegam'.

This movie may not be the year's major awards contender, but it is among the better movies made by Siva.  One thing Siva always manages to do in his movies is ground the movie in reality very well, and he sets a mood which allows the audience to get into the movie easier. The movie has its light and dark moments and the way he takes on the War episode is gripping, realistic and thrilling. The movie also has many edge-of-the-seat moments rolled around.

Technically the movie is well crafted and it brings something new to the table with Antony L Ruben's editing work which we have never seen before in a Tamil cinema. The sound, in particular, was a big plus. Anirudh scores a lot with songs and Background music. And Art direction deserves a special mention. These are some notable good things in Director Siva's movie. We also appreciate Siva as the movie rarely dragged or got boring. Vetri's visuals are pleasing to eyes and they capture the exotic locales from various angles and leave us awestruck! It's a complete package from Siva and Team! The production values are too high. Credits to the Producers Sendhil Thyagarajan, Arjun Thyagarajan and TG Thyagarajan. 


The fast-paced development of the plot does not give any time to think and the audience gets an enjoyable movie in the end. The ending of the movie is also satisfying and it is one of those few movies where the ending just pleases us so much. The action in the movie is just insane. From raw stunts to chases - they are freaking sensational. We just feel every hit and every move. Most of the action blocks never rely on CGI and that is the reason why our heart gets racing during every action block. In fact, they are well shot too. Despite 149 minutes running time, the movie moves at a tense, thrilling and suspenseful pace. And, last but not least, Ajith is riding a motorcycle again and it is too good to watch again. Every scene on the screen is essential and every shot is impeccably acted, directed and delivered.

Cast & Crew

3 / 5 - 6611
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