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Sat, Sep 21, 2019 | Last Updated 8:31 pm IST

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Jai Lava Kusa Movie Review & Rating

- 0/5
Jai Lava Kusa Movie Review & Rating ఈ సినిమా రివ్యూ ను తెలుగులో చదవండి


7:25am:  An emotional and totally unconvincing climax. Movie ends. Watch out this space for complete review.

7:17am: Another twist to the tale and we are headed towards the climax.

7:13am: Some tricky scenes between the brothers. 

7:08am: Some tricky scenes are going on between the three brothers in an interesting manner.

7:04am: The famous dialogue Ghattamedhaina Paatraedhaina Nenu Re...Ready episode is on now.

7:00am: Tamannaah's Oomph factor in this song is too good and Jr NTR's transformation is also good.

6:54am: And immediately we have the famous item song 'Swing Zara' with the Milky Beauty Tamannaah.

6:49am: Some tensed moments among the brothers and this makes Jai more violent.

6:42am: Time for a melody song 'Nee Kallalona' and it is shown in two different angles.

6:38am: The movie comes back to present and some emotional scenes related to farmers plight are shown.

6:33am: Okay, time for flashback again and some emotional scenes are on

6:33am: All three brothers are shown in one frame! Junior NTR has shown a lot of difference and it's a delight indeed.

6:28am: Jai emerges as a power house and the flashback ends.

6:24am: Nivetha Thomas eners as Simran and few intro scenes are shown between Jai and Simran.

6:20am: The movie begins with flash back post interval and now we have Ravana Ravana song for Jai.

FIRST HALF- The movie has lots of passable moments. Jai's intro is the only highlight! Songs and visuals are good. Junior NTR is perfect. Nivetha Thomas is yet to make her entry.

6:09am: We have a spine-chilling action block and it's INTERMISSION.

6:03am: The much-hyped Jai's character intro and now they show the Ravana aka Jai's entry.

5:56am: Some twist to the tale and we are in for some tense moments

5:50am: Soon after fight, some romance between Lava and Raashi gets the song 'Tring Tring'.

5:44am: Time for a fight sequence and Jr NTR scores as Kusa.

5:37am: Priyadarshi from Pellichoopulu enters and he makes some laughs

5:31am: Some comedy scenes are going on in the backdrop as comedy actors Brahmaji and Prabhas Seenu are also introduced.

5:27am: Now, Nandita enters and engagement scenes are going on.

5:21am: The beautiful Raashi Khanna joins the scene and some intro scenes are going between Lava and Raashi Khanna

5:17am: Another brother Lava is shown with his back story. Hamsa Nandini also enters the scene.

5:13am: It's time for Kusa. He is shown with Dochesthaa song in Jai Lava Kusa Movie Review, Rating.

5:08am: Some insult situations changes Jai's perception towards society. A few serious scenes are on.

5:04am: The opening shot shows childhood scenes featuring Jai, Lava and Kusa.

5:00am: Jai Lava Kusa Movie begins with a NTR's voice over regarding on road accidents and it is dedicated to NTR's elder brother Janaki Ram.

4:57am: The much awaited Jai Lava Kusa has began and the movie is 158 minutes long!

4:53am: Jai Lava Kusa Review, Rating be a smashing hit for NTR and for K. S. Ravindra as well for the Tollywood Industries.

4:50am: 99% of the fan base waiting are between the age of 25 - 30 years and male . This explains the loyal fan base for Nandamuri Clan.

4:46am: Thousands of fans stocked in front of theatres and shouting JAI BALAYYA - JAI JAI BALAYYA , JAI NTR - JAI JAI NTR

4:42am: Jai Lava Kusa Review, Rating said to be the best of Young Tiger NTR's best, In terms of performance and also In terms of market value.

4:38am: Jai Lava Kusa is an action-drama film written and directed by K. S. Ravindra.

4:35am: We are happy to bring you the LIVE UPDATES of Jai Lava Kusa — Young tiger NTR - Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao, Raashi Khanna,Nivetha Thomas &  K. S. Ravindra Film.

4:30am: Good morning [Part of prestigious India Herald Group] readers , Young tiger NTR Fans, Nandamuri clan Fan base, Bobby work fans and All cinema lovers.

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