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Tue, Jun 18, 2019 | Last Updated 12:36 am IST

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Qarib Qarib Singlle Hindi Movie Review, Rating

- 1.75/5
Qarib Qarib Singlle Hindi Movie Review, Rating

What Is Good

  • Parvathy
  • Irrfan
  • Cinematography
  • Dialogues

What Is Bad

  • Direction
  • Screenplay
  • Music
  • Confusion in the narration
Bottom Line: A romantic journey which ends as a detour midway itself.


Jaya (Parvathy) is a wido and she is a successful insurance worker. She's a complete workaholic and she has a stereotype life. She wants to break it and she signs up on a dating site and is instantly getting numerous messages which are romantic to vulgar. However, one guy decently proposes her with a coffee shop meeting and there enter Yogi (Irrfan) who is a poet. He convinces Jaya and takes her on a trip. Jaya lies to everyone about where she's going. What happens in this journey? Did they unite? forms the rest of the story.

Star Performance

Parvathy's debut is a solid one. She emotes flawlessly and her dialogues are definitely an eyeopener. In a weak screenplay, meddled script, she carries the movie forward. Irrfan is no less and the director knows his potential too. Both the actors have carried the movie as much as possible with their lovely chemistry. Irrfan's humor evokes smile at places. Parvathy as Jaya brings more realistic attitude.  The supporting cast doesn't change the momentum or the pace of the movie much. Neha Dhupia is pure eyecandy and Luke Kenny does justice to his role. 

Techinical Team

Director Tanuja Chandra knows how much skilled actors he has in the cast and he lets them play by themselves. However, he should have focused a lot on the narration as the screenplay is absolutely clueless. The secondary characters appear and disappear just like that. Few scenes could have been trimmed. Eshit Narain has given some catchy cinematography and it is quite a treat to watch. The frames are too beautiful and they capture the moment. There are no drama in the zigzag shots. Editing could've been a lot better and the narration is totally clueless. 


The movie could have been an interesting desi road trip filled with rom-com moments or an eyeopener which says don't trust dating websites. But the movie ends haywire due to the weak screenplay. The casting is the biggest plus and Parvathy gets a solid movie as her debut. Irrfan compliments her acting well. Dialogues are the backbone of the movie. Music is not appealing at all. Cinematography is brilliant and it captures the moments pretty well. Rest of them are just pretty ordinary. Nothing much to rave about.

Cast & Crew

2 / 5 - 9811
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