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Fri, Apr 26, 2019 | Last Updated 9:29 am IST

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Middle Class Abbayi (MCA) Telugu Movie Review, Rating

- 1.25/5
Middle Class Abbayi (MCA) Telugu Movie Review, Rating READ THIS MOVIE REVIEW IN ENGLISH


  • Bhumika
  • Cinematography
  • Production values
  • Emotional scenes


  • Music
  • Nani Getting into Action mode
  • Screenplay
  • Editing
  • Entire second half
ఒక్క మాటలో: A predictable mass entertainer, with family sentiments and cliches even spoiled by a lukewarm second half

చిత్ర కథ

After the huge success of his Romantic entertainer Ninnukori, Natural star Nani has returned to screens with his next , a family drama with mass elements directed by  Venu Sriram who's making a return 4 years after his feel good entertainer Oh My Friend. Let's see how well Nani has scored with his 3rd release of 2017, in this exclusive first on net MCA review by team AP Herald.

MCA Middle class Abbayi is all about a happy go lucky youngster Nani (Nani) who leads a happy life with his brother and sister in law, a strict RTO officer (Bhumika). With a beautiful love story with Sai Pallavi, his life goes smooth until his Vadina enters into a conflict with villain Warangal Siva, and then comes troubles as he begins to threaten his family. How the normal middle class Abbayi fights the evil and powerful villain to protect his family and love successfully is what MCA Middle class Abbayi is all about.

నటీనటుల ప్రతిభ

Nani is his usual cool and energetic self, and has impressed with his changeover as a mass hero in the second half of the movie, in a calm and composed way in mouthing punches and bashing goons. Sai Pallavi is gorgeous, and gets a bubbly role, and continues from where she left in Fidaa, though she has got a limited scope to perform. Bhumika has made a perfect comeback and impresses with her author backed role, and her equation with Nani makes her character loveable. Vijay Varma tries to be menacing, but his characterization is too weak and poorly written and ends up a loud caricature. Rajiv Kanakala is adequate.

సాంకేతికవర్గం పనితీరు

Devi SriPrasad's background score is loud and jarring, while none of his songs except kothaga and Yemaindo works out. Sameer Reddy's Cinematography is top notch, and captures the stunts and songs beautifully. Editing by Prawin Pudi could have been better.  4 years after his Oh My Friend failed at the office despite having a good content, director Venu Sriram has made a return to screens with a tried and tested template of a happy go lucky youngster turning into a mass hero saving his family, with the in form Nani and a support cast headed by the pretty comeback lady Bhumika. 

చిత్ర విశ్లేషణ

However, despite Nani's cool attitude and subtle  transformation to a mass Abbayi, and bhumika's lovely sequences with Nani, most of the scenes are predictable, as the villain's acting is pathetic, and with poorly etched character, he ends up no match for the powerful protagonist. Songs which aren't humworthy, end up as speed breakers, and are used only to showcase the pretty pimple Beauty Sai Pallavi. The second half drags a bit and ends up on a rather unimpressive manner, and it is Nani's onscreen antics that save this cliched entertainer. All said, this MCA Middle class Abbayi is worth a watch only for Nani and Bhumika's presence.

కాస్ట్ అండ్ క్రూ

3 / 5 - 189221
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