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Wed, Nov 21, 2018 | Last Updated 7:35 pm IST

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Exclusive Rangasthalam First on Net Review, Rating - APHERALD.COM

- 3/5
Exclusive Rangasthalam First on Net Review, Rating - APHERALD.COM ఈ సినిమా రివ్యూ ను తెలుగులో చదవండి

What Is Good

  • Ram Charan
  • Background Score
  • CInematography
  • Songs
  • Art work
  • Production values
  • Climax

What Is Bad

  • Editing
  • Second half
  • Cliches in many places
Bottom Line: Rangasthalam is shouldered by Ram Charan all the way and let down by a lengthy running time!


Post the success of his slick action thriller Naanaku Prematho with Jr NTR, dynamic Director Sukumar took a break, and joined hands with mega Powerstar Ramcharan, known for his mass entertainers, for a genre completely new for both of them - a rural entertainer with power politics at the backdrop, in Rangasthalam. Has the fresh combo succeeded in their novel attempt? Here's team AP Herald's exclusive first on net Rangasthalam review.

The village of Rangasthalam is under the control of the powerful President (Jagapathi Babu), and enters Chitti Babu (Ramcharan), the most loved, hearing impaired youngster of the village. Chitti Babu is leading a happy life with his love for Ramalakshmi (Samantha) whom he falls for at first sight and his extreme affection towards his brother Kumar Babu (Aadhi Pinisetty) and family.

Things take a turn as Kumar Babu decides to contest elections after finding it unbearable to take President's ruthless ways and extreme interest rates against villagers. As Kumar contests elections against President, inviting his wrath, Chitti Babu stands firm to support Kumar Babu. Whether the brothers together defeated the evil President and overcame betrayals and evil plans in the game of power and politics and saved Rangasthalam ultimately, is what the movie is all about.

Star Performance

Mega Powerstar Ramcharan has completely transformed to the hearing impaired Chitti Babu, and has totally changed into a village do-gooder, a rough looking guy with a soft heart of gold, and has for the first time proved himself as a stunning performer. Samantha has literally become Ramalakshmi herself, and as the village Belle with a typical attitude and looks, impresses with her cute and emotional act. Aadhi Pinisetty as the man of multiple shades, excels with his subtle act, and that stunner towards the end. While Jagapathi Babu is at his menacing best , Prakashraj and Naresh deliver impressive supporting acts. Anasuya as Rangamatta is adequate. 

Techinical Team

BGM by Devi SriPrasad is impressive, and elevates Ramcharan's character beautifully, while of his songs, Yentha Sakkagunnave, Jigelu Rani and Rangamma Mangamma are appealing. Cinematography by Ratnavelu is top notch, and captures the rustic milieu of Rangasthalam beautifully, while also presenting colourful visuals true to the 80s feel and setup. Naveen Nooli's taut editing makes sure, despite its 3 hours runtime, there's never a dull moment in Rangasthalam.

Dynamic Director Sukumar has been known for his unique presentation and attempts in varied genres, irrespective of their success, for instance, movies like One Nenokkadine and Jagadam. This time around, the director has come up with a conventional plot, in an unconventional backdrop, as he has cleverly weaved a tale of power, politics and betrayal, in a village setup, while also depicting the plight of farmers. 


With his characters interestingly etched, and  each having a unique aspect, with sudden changes in shades perfectly displayed, adds power to the screenplay. While the screenplay is at a lengthy 3 hours, Sukumar makes Rangasthalam an engaging experience, with his essential twists and detailing at the right places, though he could have done away with atleast two of the songs (Jigelu Rani is peppy, yet an unanticipated one placed incoherent in the screenplay). Though one could predict the vital twist, the way it unfolds in screen, with the right mix of emotions and action is commendable, and that's exactly what makes the 3 hour long flick an appealing visual treat high on aesthetics and histrionics. All said, Rangasthalam is a rustic rural experience that's worth the 2 years wait, and doubly worth the theatrical visit.


SECOND HALF REPORT: Rangasthalam takes a total turn, with more focus on the political game between Kumar Babu and president, and the fight lead by Chitti Babu against President, in support of his brother. With overdose of melodrama and excessive Focus on election campaign scenes, the second half moves on a sluggish pace, before finally helped by some twists towards end, making Rangasthalam a worthy watch.

5:46am: Following an interesting twist, the film ends on a impactful note, with Ramcharan delivering excellent performance.

5:39am:  Flashback ends... The movie is moving towards climax as the movie heads two years into future now...

5:33am: The famous trailer shot where RC walks aggresively by holding the reaping hook... DSP has elevated the scene to whole new level.

5:26am: A few racy scenes are on where JB's assistants attack Aadhi.

5:18am: After several dragged sequences portraying election campaign and the processes involved, the audience are in for a visual treat as Pooja Hegde enters on screen oozing oomph in the Jigelu Rani song. Sizzling dance moves and massy steps by Ramcharan and Pooja Hegde matching him is an ultimate treat to watch after several dull proceedings.

5:13am: Rangasthalam drags a bit at the moment, with excessive focus on the election campaigning and more sequences for the same.

5:05am: Both the brothers gets separated unforunately and we also have an emotional breakdown between Samantha and RC.

4:57am: Jagapathi Babu as cruel president is ruthless. Some intense election drama scenes are also on

4:50am:  The movie enters flashback mode and election scenes are on.

4:43am: Kumar Babu contesting against President in the elections, and president Jagapathi Babu facing an opponent in elections for first time in 30 years, which he sees as a huge insult. Kumar Babu begins election campaigning with energetic folk song Aa Gattununtaava playing in the background.

4:37am: Post interval the flashback episode ends and currently a few scenes related to Charan and Prakash Raj are going on

FIRST HALF REPORT: Movie moves at its own pace establishing the principal characters, and the typical 80s village setup is recreated beautifully and authentic by art directors and visually presented in a aesthetic manner by Cinematographer Ratnavelu. Ramcharan steals the show with his impressive screen presence and new body language, and the first half clearly establishes the war between poor and the president.

4:25am: With a stunning interval block and rise of Aadhi Pinisetty as Kumar Babu against President and his authoritative ways, Rangasthalam reaches halfway mark with the powerful line, Rangasthalaniki kotha jenda vachindhi.

4:22am: Movie gets into serious mood. Emotional scenes are moving on between RC and Samantha

4:18am: Jagapathi Babu gets first real damage, as tension erupts, due to the heavy, excessive interest rates charged by the village society, which brings a conflict between President and Chitti Babu. Charan and JB's assistant gets involved in a fight sequence

4:11am: Now time for Rangamma Mangamma song and Ramalakshmi expresses her feelings and possessiveness over Chitti Babu in the song, beautifully powered by Samantha's cute expressions. The Gollabhama is replaced with another word.

4:05am: Troubles in Chitti Babu - Ramalakshmi love story, as there are disagreements in Ramalakshmi's house , for their love.

3:59am: Now comes the Yentha Sakkagunnave song, presenting Samantha as the village Belle Ramalakshmi and presents that love between Chitti Babu and her.

3:53am: An emotional block between Charan and Anasuya... Anasuya is impressive as Rangamatta.

3:48am: Samantha enters as Ram Lakshmi and he falls for her... We have a romantic Yanthasakagunave melody song.

3:42am: Brahmaji makes his entry as a government officer and serious scenes are on

3:37am: Now actor Aadhi come into scene as Chitti Babu's elder brother. Naresh and Rohini also joins the scene as their parents.

3:31am: Time for the first song Ranga Ranga Rangasthalana, a peppy folksy number with Ramcharan excelling with his fun and energetic dance moves combining contemporary style and  village style.

3:24am: Enters senior actor Jagapathi Babu in a powerful role as the village President. 

3:17am: The movie proceeds to establish Chitti Babu and his character's nature. Rangasthalam is well picturised with authentic sets and perfect feel of 80s.

3:11am: The movie begins with the entry of Mega Powerstar Ramcharan as the hearing impaired Chitti Babu, fondly called sound engineer by the people of Rangasthalam. 

3:05am: Rangasthalam begins.The movie is 179 minutes long.

3:00am: After a gap of 2 years, Director Sukumar and Mega Powerstar Ramcharan have come back post their stylish urban hits Naanaku Prematho and Dhruva respectively, to churn out a rustic village entertainer, Rangasthalam. Been in the making for 2 years, the movie has a lot of expectations and hype, and with a promising cast including Samantha, Jagapathi Babu, Prakashraj, let's see if Rangasthalam can Rock box office. Here's team AP Herald's exclusive FDFS Rangasthalam live updates.

Cast & Crew

3 / 5 - 1072107
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