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Wed, Feb 20, 2019 | Last Updated 6:33 am IST

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Krishnarjuna Yudham (2018) Telugu Movie Review, Rating

- 2.25/5
Krishnarjuna Yudham (2018) Telugu Movie Review, Rating ఈ సినిమా రివ్యూ ను తెలుగులో చదవండి

What Is Good

  • Nani
  • Cinematography
  • Production values

What Is Bad

  • Editing
  • Dragging screenplay
  • Beaten to death plot
  • Song placements
  • Cliched comedy scenes
Bottom Line: Dual Nanis, double trouble, as Krishnarjuna Yuddham fails to make an impact with a poor screenplay.


Post the blockbuster result of his last release MCA Middle Class Abbayi, Natural star Nani is back on screen today, with his dual role entertainer Krishnarjuna Yuddham, directed by Merlapaka Gandhi and costarring mallu beauty Anupama Parameswaran. While he has been in the best form with back to back successful flicks, has Nani achieved this time as well ? Here's team AP Herald's exclusive first on net Krishnarjuna Yuddham review.

Krishna and Arjun (Both Nani), a village guy and the Czech Republic based rockstar, and both are leading a happy go lucky life, with the former being a  playful villager and the latter being a playboy. The boys fall in love with the lead ladies, with Krishna falling for Rukshar Mir and Arjun for Anupama. and as things go well, the couples separate due to sudden twist of events. As Krishna and Arjun begin a search for their lovers, situations bring them both together, and how the heroes found their respective girls is what Krishnarjuna Yuddham is all about. 

Star Performance

While Nani is at ease as Krishna, the happy villager, and excels in emotions and the song dance routine, as Arjun, he initially looks odd with the posh characterization. However, he makes up for it later with his neat act, and in both the characters, he excels, with his variations and emoting skills. Anupama Parameswaran is back once again in a cute role, and she dishes out a fine performance, though the screenplay has little scope for her. Rukshar Dhillon tries hard to emote but doesn't appeal to issues in her lip sync. The rest of the cast including Brahmaji and Prabhas seenu are adequate.

Techinical Team

Music by Hip Hop Thamizha is good, as the background score is impressive, and of the songs, Dhaari Choodu, Thaney Vachindhanna, and Urime Manase are hum-worthy. Cinematography by Karthik Ghatameneni captures the rustic locales of Krishna's village as well as the exotic locales of Czech and Prague beautifully and presents the stunt sequences in a stunning manner. Editing could have been taut, as the movie wavers for the most part, without a point. Director Merlapaka Gandhi has returned to direction 2 years after his last release, Express Raja, with Krishnarjuna Yuddham, and he has got a good premise and a promising hero and a gorgeous heroine to support him in his quest for a hat-trick of hits, but has he utilized it? It's a big no this time. 


The screenplay in the first half is just this way - a song, a comedy sequence, love scene, a song, a comedy sequence, love and it's an endless loop until the interval where a little twist comes, to keep the audience expecting a treat in the second half. But yet again in the second half, merlapaka Gandhi goes for a very routine screenplay without any twists or interesting sequences, and only towards the climax that Krishnarjuna Yuddham gains a little momentum, before ending very predictable.

It's high time Nani takes a break, rethink his choice of scripts, rather than bombarding the audience with pointless flicks in the name of entertainers. and cheating himself as well as the audience. While MCA was a pure result of luck which was trashed by critics, Nani never learnt from his mistake, and yet again has tried to come up with something that fails to connect totally, as he tries hard to be a mass and class top hero, and does all such stuff one would want a mass hero must do, only to end in vain, as we are shown that Nani alone performing can never save a pathetic movie. All said, despite two Nani's in the movie, Krishnarjuna Yuddham gets a double thumbs down, thanks to its boring and uninteresting screenplay. Better luck Next time Nani, time to take a break and reconsider going for reading scripts, rather than okaying with few mass scenes to become an overnight mass hero.

Cast & Crew

3 / 5 - 190921
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