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Mon, Oct 14, 2019 | Last Updated 4:29 am IST

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Spider-Man: Far from Home Movie Review, Ratings

- 4/5
Spider-Man: Far from Home Movie Review, Ratings

What Is Good

  • Tom Holland
  • Music
  • Marvel Universe continuity
  • Visual Effects
  • Dialogues
  • Post-Credits scenes

What Is Bad

  • Some cheesy cuts
Bottom Line: Amazing visuals, Thrilling action scenes, Engaging Story-telling, Superb casting makes Spidey a must watch on THE BIGGEST IMAX SCREEN possible


Spider-Man: Far from Home begins exactly from the end of Marvel's Avengers: Endgame. Peter Parker tries to get past the events which happened in Endgame and he heads off on a school trip to Europe. He tries to win his classmate and crush MJ. But, Peter's close friend Ned doesn't like this idea as he fantasizes about him and Peter being American Bachelors in Eirupe. During their flight to Europe, Ned falls for A-Student Betty and that leaves Peter to move freely with MJ. The team reaches first at Venice and suddenly an angry monster appears and Peter doesn't have the right Spider-Man accouterments with him and fails at vanquishing the creature. And that time, another Superhero, Mysterio enters and he controls the beast. Nick Fury recruits Peter to fight more creatures which are coming. Tony Stark's loss and other barricades comes in his way and he also finds who is really evil. What happened next should be watched on the big screen!

Star Performance

Tom Holland is, at this point, Spider-Man's alter ego. We cannot imagine Spider-Man being anyone else other than him. As usual, Marvel simply could not have a more perfect casting than Tom Holland. What impressed us the most is Zendaya's performance as MJ, which finally breaks the stereotype of superhero's love interest. Instead of your typical dumbed-down background eye-candy, Zendaya's MJ is intelligent, quirky, interesting, and absolutely lovable. Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, J. B. Smoove and Jon Favreau are just too perfect in this movie. They fit the shoes of Spider-man perfectly. Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio is pure gold. Another A-list actor which represent famous comics villain and he did it great.

Techinical Team

Surprisingly enough, the centerpiece of this film is not the superhero's extraordinary world-saving, but the budding romance between the very ordinary human characters. It might be more accurate to describe this film as a genre fusion of romcom and action-comedy under the disguise of a superhero movie since the scale of the "world-saving" and the stakes for the final showdown are very much limited compared to what just happened in Endgame. The minor flaws of this movie reside within the potential plot holes incurred by the plot twist in the third act. 


We highly recommend everyone to view this movie in IMAX. It's gonna be worth your bucks and please wait for the two post-credit scenes which make this movie even lot better. The film is visually stunning. Fortunately, it is a part of the narration. So sit back and enjoy the thrilling ride in big IMAX screen. Speaking of action, the choreography isn't as spectacular as Marvel cannon usually brings out. But it isn't their fault. The storytelling doesn't seek for big antics. Far From Home stays quite close to the Universe. That is its biggest win, derived equation looks upgraded and the funky hip and happening music in sync with the MCU's loud and crowd-pleasing soundtrack.

Cast & Crew

4 / 5 - 9752
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