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Sat, Sep 21, 2019 | Last Updated 12:14 am IST

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IT Chapter 2 Movie Review, Ratings

- 3.5/5
IT Chapter 2 Movie Review, Ratings

What Is Good

  • Casting
  • Jump Scares
  • Cinematography
  • Music
  • Visual effects

What Is Bad

  • Lengthy running time
Bottom Line: IT ends with a big balloon - A perfect end to Stephen King's best novel


Two years after the release of the horror hit IT arrives it's sequel IT chapter 2, both based on Stephen king's acclaimed novel, and this movie is set 27 years after the proceedings in the first part. Here's team AP Herald's exclusive first on net IT chapter 2 review.

27 years after the defeat of Pennywise by the losers club,  IT comes back to attack Derry and now the losers club members are adults who are leading lives individually. With the disappearance of kids again, Mike who's in town calls the remaining people home. Now how the losers club reunites and overcomes their past forgettable, horrifying experiences to eliminate Pennywise in a direct war with the deadly clown is what IT chapter 2 is all about.

Star Performance

James McAvoy as Bill is good as the mature adult now leading a life as novelist and returns to revenge, Jessica Chastain is pretty, Bill Hader, Isaiah Mustafa are apt and express fear well while it's Bill Skarsgard who owns the movie with his terrifying act that's sure to send chills down the spine.

Techinical Team

Background score by Benjamin Wallfisch is scintillating and sets the mood for the dark nature of the movie and elevates lot of horror episodes to a different level. Checco Varese's cinematography is top notch, while editing by Jason Ballantine makes the movie crisp and entertaining.


Andi Muschietti is back with the sequel to the 2017 hit, and this time around presents an even more deadly version with Pennywise in full form. The initial sequences of the movie establishes the characters of losers club leading normal lives and how they're brought back into the war against the clown. Pennywise's atrocities begin in  mysterious ways and then as the movie reaches halfway, Pennywise starts his toll on the reunited losers club and the war between the good and evil is filled with a lot of goosebumps moments and there are many sequences that are sure to set the heartbeat racing. Bill Skarsgard is rocking as always while the losers club members have an equally arresting screen presence, and with good technical support, Andi Muschietti delivers a sharp screenplay with terrific entertaining moments and a lot of thrills making IT chapter 2 a must watch.

Cast & Crew

4 / 5 - 7230
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