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Sun, Feb 17, 2019 | Last Updated 12:48 pm IST

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Kalicharan Movie Review, Rating

- 1/5
Kalicharan Movie Review, Rating ఈ సినిమా రివ్యూ ను తెలుగులో చదవండి

What Is Good

  • Pankaj Kesari
  • Cinematography

What Is Bad

  • Powerless Script
  • Slow Narration
  • Dragged Second Half
  • Fight Sequences
  • Editing
  • Direction.
Bottom Line: Kalicharan is a below par run of the mill film which is lost from the first scene.


Kalicharan based on true events which happened in the year 1980. Kalicharan (Chaitanya) kills important person in Pasupathi (Pankaj Kesari)’s gang. That’s how a powerful revenge saga start off in Nalgonda district. Kalicharan gets arrested, but Kodali Prabhu (Rao Ramesh) gives him the bail and saves him from the murder plan penned by Pasupathi.

Taking Kalicharan’s aggression into consideration Prabhu makes him to compete with Pasupathi in MLA elections. In the meanwhile he gets married to Teertha (Chandini). Why did Kalicharan kill Pasupathi’s colleague? Will Kalicharan kill his opponent? How will Kalicharan save his wife & friends, carryout his revenge forms the rest of the storyline.

Star Performance

Kalicharan may well go down as the worst film Bhojpuri actor Pankaj Kesari has ever acted. Even his performance and dialogues do not have incursion to engage the audience. Chandini is the heroine of this film who is good in her looks but need to improve in her histrionics.

The Chaitanya has given his best for this character, but the aggressive - emotional approach in his characterization was missing. He should have worked hard on his emotional climax scenes. Kavitha makes a promising impact with her performance.

Rao Ramesh have nothing much to do in the film. Upcoming character artists Polu Srikanth & Mahabub Bhasha are okay in their small roles. Nagineedu is okay in his character. Rest of the artists in the film are supportive.

Techinical Team

This is certainly not a film to be made by a talented person who proudly says he is a Sishya of RGV, who was certainly the best director of the Indian film industry. Everything goes wrong in this film starting from its middling screenplay to a jerry-built treatment. There is not a single point which can be spoken about the film or one particular sequence which can be remembered for its slow narration. The sequences fail to evoke any interest in the audience.

Kalicharan is a big yawn from scene one. The film moves in snail's pace in the entire first half and the flash back episode in the second half is totalled dragged till the end. Cinematography by Vishwadeva & Satish is neat.

Cinematographers & Director must appreciated for their effort for finding such localities. Music by Nandan Raj gives a dejavu of several tracks. But his BGM heightened few scenes. Transformation of scenes is not that promising in the film. Editor should have taken sufficient care regarding the transformation scenes. Fights in the film are very ordinary. Production values are fine.


The film which was publicized as a Pure Revenge film based on true events comes down as a wasted effort with neither the artists nor technicians showing an illusion of effort to make an impact.

The film drags on and on testing your patience. Watching this film is a sheer waste of time and you would definitely curse yourself for making a daft decision.

Cast & Crew

3.8 / 5 - 20
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