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Tue, Feb 19, 2019 | Last Updated 11:03 am IST

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Ista Sakhi Telugu Movie Review, Rating

- 0.5/5
Ista Sakhi Telugu Movie Review, Rating ఈ సినిమా రివ్యూ ను తెలుగులో చదవండి

What Is Good

  • Nothing

What Is Bad

  • Everything
Bottom Line: Probably the Worst Attempt in Recent Times


Varun, Bhasker and Sriram are the three best friends studying engineering. In which one is Lyricist other is interested in music and another interested in Painting. In this process Varun gets rejected by a girl Lilli. To make him comfortable and forget Lilli two friends compose a song for which Varun paints a beautiful painting. Varun titles his painting as “Ista Sakhi”, but things turns around when three of them see Anu (Anu Smriti) and fall in love in the first instance. As they propose Anu rejects them and says she is already married to Ajay (Ajay). Who is Ajay? What happened to him? Why are few goons trying to kill Anu? How did the trio react after knowing the past life of Anu? To find these answer you need to catch the film in theatres.

Star Performance

There is nothing which could be said of about the performances in the film. Even good artists like Ajay and Late. Srihari suffer because of languorous story line and a hapless presentation. Ajay fails to deliver anything fresh in the film, but looks good in few sequences. Movie revolves around Anu Smriti but she failed to elevate the movie with her performance. Debut actors Varun, Bhasker and Sriram have nothing special to do in this film. Director just failed to edit their characters and utilise their acting talent. AVS, Khayyum are wasted with small characters.

Techinical Team

This film is one of the best examples of bad direction and screenplay in the recent films I have seen. The screenplay of the film makes you twist with stew in your seat. Bharath Parepalli seems to have lost his touch off late. The way he directed this film is slapdash and you cannot expect this kind of crummy job from an experienced director like him. Lalith Suresh’s music fails to enthuse the audience. Only positive in the technical aspect are lyrics, he tried his best.

Cinematography in the film is second grade. Even forgot to clean the lens in few sequences. Dialogue writer just failed to upgrade the flash back episode. Editor could have easily cut short the film to an hour. He even failed in transition of scenes in the second half. Technical persons just competed with each other to provide the worst technicalities to the project.


The first half of the film is bad and the second half is worse. There is nothing to strengthen this film, Direction, Performances and Technical aspects are major weakness of this film. Making this film is a stupendous misuse of producer's funds. It’s better to avoid seeing this film than to feel sorry after seeing it.

Cast & Crew

2.6 / 5 - 7
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