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Wed, Nov 14, 2018 | Last Updated 12:21 pm IST

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Love Dot Com Telugu Movie Review, Rating

- 0.2/5
Love Dot Com Telugu Movie Review, Rating ఈ సినిమా రివ్యూ ను తెలుగులో చదవండి

What Is Good

  • Nothing

What Is Bad

  • Everything
Bottom Line: Its Failure Attempt.


Rocky (Aarya Sandeep) a popular RJ of Radio 55.5 Fm. He falls in love with Shravani (Niti Taylor), but Shravani already has been engaged to his friend. Rocky never forgets her and the time spent with her. Realizing Rocky's problem his father finds out Shravanthi and makes her marry his son. Things turn around when Sister of Shravanthi (Surekha Vani) reveals the problem with Shravanthi. Girija (Reva) comes to their place to visit Rocky and the village that's when she realizes the fact between Shravani - Rocky. With the help of Girija, Rocky sets out to make her realize the solution to her problem. The film is about these four characters, love and relationships.

Star Performance

Aarya Sandeep tried hard, but efforts falls flat unfortunately due to work characterizations provided by Raja Vannem Reddy. Hard to rate Niti Taylor here, she is horrible in certain scenes, okay in quite a few scenes. It's time to take her career seriously. Reva D is a bit over mature for her role as Aarya's friend. Dharamavarapu Subhramanyam sleep walks through his role. Jaya Prakash Reddy, M S Narayana, Hema, Sudha and others are wasted.

Techinical Team

The problem with Love Dot Com is its way too out dated to work in this modern times. The director heavily inspired from decade old scripts, but never offers something new in terms of storytelling or handling. The over usage scenes from Businessman - Rakhi - Billa - Aithe Enti - Dammu - Gabbar Singh-Pokiri - Aata to support the actors and elevate scenes is horrible effort from the director. Even these videos were blurred most time due to lack of clarity. The comedy in the film never work. The dialogues in the film are too cheesy and the music in the film is nothing great either. The Bommarillu spoof sequence on JP - Hema and M S Narayana is very boring and fails. Editing of the film by Nagi Reddy is flunked.

Cinematographer Sudhakar Reddy must have experience in B-Grade filming his angles were too horrible for this film. Music by Chakri is below average. The background score is one of the worst possible BGM's for Telugu films in recent times. Production values of the film are average.


The movie was a worst experience primarily because of four reasons. One, the first half is an uneventful drag with the story going nowhere. Two, the 'trueness' behind the first night, when revealed lacked impact. Three, Unwanted comedy bits-spoof sequences and a long Anthakshari sequence. And four, the movie completely lacked the point with over vulgar-ness. Love Dot Com was B-Grade attempt to impose a family point. For today's audience it's boring, out-dated and way to clichéd to make any sort of impact.

Cast & Crew

3.4 / 5 - 6
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