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Sun, Dec 16, 2018 | Last Updated 10:32 pm IST

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Srimanthudu Review, Rating - LIVE UPDATES

- 3.5/5
Srimanthudu Review, Rating - LIVE UPDATES ఈ సినిమా రివ్యూ ను తెలుగులో చదవండి

What Is Good

  • Mahesh Babu
  • Cinematography
  • Elevation Scenes
  • Dialogues
  • Shruti Haasan
  • Songs Picturisation
  • Fights

What Is Bad

  • Editing
  • Lags in the first half
  • Inspirations
  • Predictable narration
  • Climax
Bottom Line: Srimanthudu: A tailor made film for Mahesh Babu fans


Harsha (Mahesh Babu), who is the featherbedded son of multi-millionaire Ravikanth (Jagapathi Babu), is a business minded person. He’s such a good samaritan that he always wanna help the needy, over the complications caused by others.
Meanwhile, he falls in love with Charuseela (Shruti Haasan) and the complications start when Charu tells a secret about his father. Harsha leaves to Devarakota to solve the issues, instead he adopts the village and starts developing it. That’s when he comes across Shashi (Sampath Raj) a local goon and starts mounting upon a small problem. The path the movie takes as the director attempts to find common ground between the two types of personalities is what makes the movie that much more interesting in the end..

Star Performance

It’s a one man show, Mahesh Babu steals the show with his performance. In full contrast to his image, Mahesh seen as an out and out classy with some massy shades. It is very evident that Harshavardhan character is very close to Mahesh’s heart and gets into the skin of the character. And his cool dance moves in Charuseela deserves a special mention. Shruti Haasan is also effective in her role and sizzled with her moves in the charuseela, Dhimmathirigae songs. Rajendra Prasad and Jagapathi Babu are promising in their short roles. So is the others in the shorter roles includes Sukanya, Sivaji Raja and Tejaswi Madivada who are not here in archetype characters who just talks the standard lines. Ali’s presence guarantees some fun, if not too much. Vennela Kishore and Rahul Ravindran cameos that has a bearing on the story. Poorna is pretty in her traditional attire. 

Techinical Team

The biggest highlight of Srimanthudu is its theme that appears very interesting on the paper. Though initial scenes are extremely boring and slow, second half picks up its pace with some attention grabbing premise and some are truly promising scenes. The direction by Koratala Siva, shows a strange déjà vu of sorts as the technocrat director seems undecided whether to stick to the commercial format or to attempt something entirely different. This irresolution, similar to that of its lead protagonist, is visible all along the film. Though the dialogues are impressive, the screenplay lacks depth and appears disjointed and lacks clear logic at times. The climax is also shot without any clarity and remains another unengaging episode of the movie that comes to sudden stop. Dialogues like, Saati manishiki Kashtam anedi choodakapote manamu bhoomedda sangham lo brathakadam enduku; voori nundi chaalaa teeskunnaru... Icheyyali lekapothe laavayyipotaaru; edugudala ante mana chottoo unnavallu kooda edagatam; manchi jarugute navvesi vellaka ... Questions enti sir.. etc are good deserves some applause.

Srimanthudu takes some time to settle and once the backdrop is set the movie moves on in a reasonably decent narrative structure. The not so watertight screenplay by Koratala Siva make it an uneven ride, but there are some very remarkably written elevation sequences. Even here few scenes remind us that this is rather a meek gallimaufry of situations from quite a few films in the past like Bageeradha, Brindavanam, Dookudu, Janani Janmabhoomi, Dil, Athadu.etc. The other major highlight of the movie is Madhie’s camera that gives an fresh prospective to every shot. The way Madhie handled the long shots post the fight sequences shows his Midas touch. The tunes of the 6 songs composed by Devi Sri Prasad are fine while “Charuseela” and “Jagore Jagore” are expected to be the chart toppers.  The background score provides all pep needed for this film. The movie is a little lengthier at two hours forty three minutes and towards the end loses the plot forthright. The final appears hurried and looks out of sync with the flow of the narrative. Editor Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao could have easily cut short the film by 20 odd minutes. Production Values of “Mythri Movie Makers” are grand.


Director Koratala Siva’s Srimanthudu has every ingredient that you ask for from a commercial entertainer. From action, romance, humour, melodrama, songs, dance moves to emotional sentiments, there is a bit of it all to make things sufficiently spicy. But only if you go for the film without much expectation, Srimanthudu may turn out to be a watchable fare at best. The film’s real trump card, is Mahesh Babu who has given a tremendous performance in the lead role. But the directorial lag is evident in many scenes even though Koratala Siva just manages to make them engrossing. On the whole, Srimanthudu will surely be a treat for the actor’s fans despite being tagged as a social themed film, the movie has some good emotional sequences which will touch fans hearts.

Main Tweets of Srimanthudu Movie:

7:15am: Do you celebrate your family? Do you celebrate your native? Do you celebrate humanity? would recommend you to watch Srimanthudu. Book tickets before they are gone  for whole next week

7:10am: Simple story told heart touching realistic manner with genuine performance of superstar

6:55am: Harshavardhan left and been back in village... Action episode in a beer making factory...

6:47am: Srimanthudu Dialogue: naa kadupuna puttinanduku thanks raa nanna

6:45am: Srimanthudu telugu movie review, rating is been wonderful guys... Just wonderful

6:44am: Father and Son relation has been showcased genuinely tryely genuinely... This is how father and son inteeact in reality.... Just believe it do not doubt

6:43am: Jagapathibabu... Performance is brilliant, mahesh and Jagapathibabu encounters are highlight

6:42am: Srimanthudu telugu movie is making very well use of Pora srimanthudaa movie in the best possible manner

6:41am: Jagapathibabu is back in the story... Movie has been reaching its peak.

6:40am: Srimanthudu dialogue: harsha manchodu nanna... Neekante... Naakante... Mana voorikante chaalaa manchidu nanna

6:38am: Completely emotional ... Completely emotional ... Completely emotional ... A feeling as if i cant swallow my throat is stuck... My heart is heavvy ... Truely amazing

6:36am: Intresting sequence and DSP's background score has been amusing in this Srimanthudu telugu movie review, rating

6:33am: Sort of climax fight in Village atmosphere been canned in a good manner but it is too realostic

6:32am: Srimanthudu is connecting all dots together in which is rather a nicely gripping story.

6:31am: Outdoor locations, truely village oriented colors, native backdrop, mahesh babu in traditional kurta - paijama... Wonderful art work ... Tatta tattaa tadattata foot tapping tune by DSP PRESENTS COSTLY FOLK SONG Dimma tirige

6:30am: Ultimate Dialogue: voori nundi chaalaa teeskunnaru... Icheyyali lekapothe laavayyipotaaru.

6:26am: Koratala Siva canned a brilliant fight in mango garden with ANL ARASU

6:24am: Baahibali Vs Srimanthudu - while there is no comparisson i am blown away with the way a superstar hero deliveringna social message in the most entertaining manner... Truely amazing

6:19am: Srimanthudu is currently touching on ex armed person land grab

6:17am: Surekhavani performance is worth mentioning in Srimanthudu telugu movie review, rating

6:16am: This is truely amazing guys... I come from village 300 kilometers away from Hyderabad... I kniw what Koratala siva has been taking about through mahesh babu in Srimanthudu Review by apherald.com.

6:13am: Mahesh explining the value of being in the village and being in the family added with Koratala Siva dialogues and wonderful bqckground music score of Devi Sri Prasad is amazing.... The whole dialogue ends with choostooo undaam bosss baavuntundi.

6:12am: Alright... Srimanthudu Telugu Movie Review, Rating has been concentrating on land grabbing for projects...

6:09am: Sampath as Sasi doing good... Mukhesh Rishi lost his union ministry and turns to village to join hands with Sasi..

6:05am: Srimanthudu writer-director Koratala Siva has brought a genuine script amazingly percieved it with commercial elements...

6:03am: Jagapathibabu role has been etched out wonderfully... The way Jagapathibabu plot brought back to his son Mahesh is amazing.

6:02am:  Mukhesh rish and Sampath are well established as antagonists

6:01am:  SRIMANTHUDU DIALOGUE: edugudala ante mana chottoo unnavallu kooda edagatam

5:59am: Just do not worry about the result... GO WATCH SRIMANTHUDU

5:58am: Virging locations, natural people with true natural emotions, blood pumping music, thoughtful lyrics, happy faces all around and Mahesh truley immersed in charecter

5:54am: Srimanthudu (2015) telugu movie does not seem like a movie and Mahesh does not seem as hero but a true story and literally Mahesh in this movie is just like him in real life

5:52am: Everyone MUST say hatsoff to Mahesh babu ... Star hero and the most charming hero of South India to accept a story like Srimanthudu telugu movie review, rating

5:50am: Srimanthudu dialogue: manchi jarugute navvesi vellaka ... Questions enti sir

5:47am: Harsha vardhan start helping village....

5:44am: Vennela kishore entered into village, mahesh babu, Ali, Vennela kishore looking all good

5:43am: Srimanthudu Dialogue: saati manishi kashtam anedi choodakapote manamu bhoommedaa sangham lo batakadam enduku?

5:41am: Dr. Rajendra prasad attire is little bit artificial

5:39am: Simanthudu Dialogue: emee cheyyakapote bataka koodadaaa? Family leka pote tappaaa?

5:37am: Simanthudu Dialogue: emee cheyyakapote bataka koodadaaa? Family leka pote tappaaa?

5:33am: Srimanthudu Presents Ali as Raja ratnam

5:28am: Srimanthudu telugu movie review, rating presenting an opportunity to see actors pf all times... Kadambari kiran kumar was shown on screen

5:22am: Fight in bricks making plant... Reminds Athadus fight in paddy land within Srimanthudu telugu movie review, rating

5:20am: Village Sampath has been connected to Union mister family and finally much needed mass dialogues and kewl fights elevation of heroism just started

5:15am: Mass hero side of Superstar Mahesh has been started guys... Whole theater and superstar fans are going gaga completely

5:10am: Mahesh babu has been on roll ... The whole plot has been gripping and going tremendously well... The kind of importance the whole plot is giving for family has been truely amazing

4:56am: Charuseela rejects love proposal of Harsha and this critical scene was canned just like that, this movie is either a genuine story told in the simplest pissible manner withtrue hero like Mahesh babu

4:53am: Twists and turns started in Srimanthudu telugu movie review, rating by apherald.com
4:50am: Dr. Rajendra prasad as Narayana rao is been on struggle to hold families within the village to keep them not from living village

4:47am: Srimanthudu telugu movie review, rating has been moved to village backdrop again This time it is suicide of a farmer in the village.

4:44am: Dialogue: Vaadu naaku ... Naa family ke artham kaadu , neekem artham avutaadu

4:38am Mahesh Babu  as Harsha reminding Ghattamaneni Prince in Athadu.

4:32am: Srimanthudu telugu movie of year 2015... Started becomming Posh, lavish... As shifted to corporate office setup... Mahesh Babu is subtle and composed

4:26am: Mahesh as Harsha in srimanthudu movie review, rating is looking like neighbourhood lad... His conversations with Jagapathibqbu his father are revealing his character.

4:25am: Srimanthudu has been shifted to village background... Mizrachi fame Sampath has been introduced as the local district Goon... His characterization represents the one in Mirchi

4:19am: Srimanthudu Dialogue: Choodadaaniki ala kanipistaanu kaani... Bore kottestaanu neeku

4:15am: Srimanthudu Dialogue: Emitidi Harsha ... 20lakhs aaa... What are you trying to do? Mqnishilaagaa undaamani

4:09am: Prince Mahesh babu simple yet heart touching conversation with his father Jagapathibabu is nice

4:05am: Hello Tollywood movie lovers Apherald grand welcome you to the most awaited and highly anticipated Telugu movie of the year from none other than most handsome,charming , Tollywood prince Mahesh babu's Srimanthudu Telugu movie review, rating 2015 live updates first on net exclusive for all mahesh babu fans across Andhra Pradesh, telangana and whole India, across world


Srimanthudu is a 2015 Indian telugu film directed by Koratala Siva and Produced jointly by Y.Naveen, Y. Ravi Shankar and C.V. Mohan under Mythri Movie Makers. Mahesh is also co-producing the movie. Mahesh and Shruthi Hassan are acting in lead roles, Jagapathi Babu is playing the role if Mahesh father in the movie. Srimanthudu Movie is in the backdrop of college oriented love story. In the Srimanthudu Review & Srimanthudu Rating , Mahesh Babu character is the role of the Multi Millionaire. Mahesh's look, style are different in the movie when compared with previous movie. Shruthi Hassan is paired up with Mahesh in this movie. Mahesh acted as Harsha and Shruthi as Charusheela they more collegemates and classmates. During this scenario a romantic love story will run in the college itself which attract the youth more. Rajendra Prasad, Sampath Raj, Brahmanandam, Sukanya and Harish Uthaman appear in crucial roles. Srimanthudu Review and Srimanthudu Rating will be out around 1 AM on Friday.

Srimanthudu Movie Premiere & Benefit Show Timings:

The first Premiere of Srimanthudu across the globe will happen in Dubai. The show of Srimanthudu will happen at 10.30 PM IST. Which means the first Srimanthudu Movie Review, Rating will be out around 1 AM on Friday.

Positive Srimanthudu Review and Srimanthudu Rating are very important as they have a good effect on Overseas audience and A center audience. And so the makers and buyers are eager on getting positive Review, Rating. Srimanthudu had seen a sensational business of 75 Crore before the release.

Srimanthudu is carrying food hype and expectations in audience and trade. The positive Srimanthudu Review Ratings will take the hype to the next level.

Srimanthudu Movie First Benefit Show will be played on the big screen of Mallikarjuna, Shivaparvathi, Sudharshan, Sree Ramulu.

Benefit Show ticket is now pricing at a cost of 2500-4000
Benefit Show in chennai will be played at 6:00am on aug 7th
Benefit show in Hyderabad willbe palyed at 4:00am on aug 7th, Ticket  prices are 1000-2500.
Benefit show in Vizag will be palyed at 6:00am on aug 7th, Ticket  prices are 1000-3000. Stay tuned to APHerald.com for Srimanthudu Telugu Movie Review, Rating. APHerald.com will also get to have Srimanthudu Live Updates too

Srimanthudu Movie Censor Report:

Srimanthudu movie had completed its censor formalities on aug 4th. Srimanthudu had received U/A certificate from the Censor Board and now the grand release is on for August 7th. Every one are eagerly waiting for the premieres in Overseas which will give out Srimanthudu Telugu Movie Review, Rating.

Srimanthudu Movie run time is 163 minutes. This Srimanthudu run time is usually long by the standards of Telugu Cinema. Usually it is very risky to deal with such long run time films as the length can bore the audience and then influence Srimanthudu Movie.Overseas audience will get to see the first show of Srimanthudu and so the first Srimanthudu Review and Srimanthudu rating will be out from there on Thursday night and early hours of Friday.

Srimanthudu Movie Inside Talk:

Srimanthudu Movie get a positive report from a person who watched the movie during the censor formalities.According to his, the love track in the first half worked out very well. And the family drama in the second half is very impressive. Also they say the last 30 minutes of the film worked out big time. Sources also add that three scenes are beautifully shot on screen. Finally, Mahesh Babu breaks the failure jinx and will be back on success track with this film.

Srimanthudu Pre Release Business:

As the release date of Srimanthudu draws closer, excitement builds up in trade as well as audience over the movie. Suddenly the hype on the film is mounting and distributors have arranged a huge release for the movie. In Nizam region alone, huge number of benefit and special number are planned for the movie.

The distributor is targeting 80 Lakh share only from these shows. The first day Nizam share is expected at a whopping 4 Crore which is the highest first day figure for any Telugu movie except Baahubali. The movie is looking to smash all the non—Baahubali records in both the Telugu states on its first day.

After Baahubali, Attarintiki Daredi has the highest first day figure with 10.75 Crore in both the Telugu States. Srimanthudu is looking to rewrite this record. It should not be difficult if the initial talk and reviews are good. The movie in the second week will be helped by the Independence day weekend. Mahesh Babu had pinned high hopes on this movie success after two back to back failures of 1-Nenokkadine and Aagadu.

Nizam- 14.5

Ceeded - 7.2 Crores

Andhra Pradesh - 20 Crores
Karnataka - 4.5 Crores
Overseas - 8.1 Crores
Theatrical - 5.3 Crores
Rest of India - 1 Crores
Satellite Rights - 10.25 Crores
Audio and Video - 1.5 Crores
Total Business - +70 Crores
World Wide Business With dubbing righta - 70-71 Crores.

Srimanthudu Movie has broken the first record of SS Rajamouli's "Baahubali - the Beginning", with some of  its premiere show tickets selling for a whopping $15,000.

Reasons to Watch Srimanthudu Movie:

  1. Mahesh Babu
  2. Pairing of Mahesh Babu and Shruthi Hassan
  3. Koratala Siva Direction
  4. Music of D.S.P
  5. Dialogue Delivery of Mahesh Babu

Srimanthudu Fan Review:

"Indian Cinema Magazine UAE Review #Srimanthudu. @urstrulyMahesh Steals the Show all the Way. @shrutihaasan acts very well. Top Notch Story & Screenplay, @ThisIsDSP Music is Super ROCKING. Strongly Recommended. Go for it. 5*/5*", she tweeted claiming to have watched the movie in a special screening. 

"#Srimanthudu will Kick Out #Baahubali from Theatres & Boxoffice! A Massy Paisa Vasool Film! @urstrulyMahesh ROCKED all the Way. 5*/5*", she further added. 

Celebs and Fans Tweets on Srimanthudu Movie:

#Srimanthudu show started pic.twitter.com/0dKXZguQvC

— Naren Reddy (@NarensTweetz) August 6, 2015

It's Not A Function Hall It's A #Srimanthudu tHeatre In #gUdivada @urstrulyMahesh @MythriOfficial @ErosNow pic.twitter.com/BkmCDgUwoi

— Tejaswini (@Teju912) August 6, 2015

Wait is Over.. Finally tHe mOst aWaited Day Came Aug7th. 💃💃 Have A Rocking mRng @urstrulyMahesh Fans Ee Vela Edoti Adaragodadam #Srimanthudu

— Tejaswini (@Teju912) August 6, 2015

Wishing #Srimanthudu to emerge as biggest earner in SUPERSTAR's career pic.twitter.com/yJnklpfczI

— aHf (@adhyayam) August 6, 2015

Best wishes to friends Koratala Siva,Naveen Yerneni,Ravi Shankar,cvm,DSP & to our superstar Mahesh for Srimanthudu :) pic.twitter.com/T9tAayvlD6

— Gopi Mohan (@Gopimohan) August 6, 2015

#CelebratingSrimanthudu pic.twitter.com/0fhMlYHnUM

— #Srimanthudu (@MythriOfficial) August 6, 2015

Kuwait #Srimanthudu pic.twitter.com/HmadmptPKw

— Srimanthudu (@urztrulyVenkat) August 6, 2015

Eros Took #Srimanthudu for Out rate price ?? pic.twitter.com/xj2eH1W7Q1

— Tolly Revenue ™ (@TollyRevenue) August 6, 2015

'Superstar' Mahesh Babu's #Srimanthudu  #SrimanthuduReview is releasing tomorrow. All the best to the entire team!! pic.twitter.com/7ITTfbeNGA

— Baahubali (@BaahubaliMovie) August 6, 2015

Mahesh fans banner for #Srimanthudu  #SrimanthuduReview so cute 👍👍👍👍 pic.twitter.com/UIBgl4EZz4

— YATHI™ (@ursyathi) August 6, 2015

Incredibly popular already! #Srimanthudu will start on a high. pic.twitter.com/rJjOMmue4H

— RelianceEntertainmt (@RelianceEnt) August 6, 2015

#Srimanthudu / #Selvandhan from tomo .. Best wishes to the team and #MaheshBabu fans for a big success .. #Mahesh pic.twitter.com/qVouarSj9B

— Kaushik LM (@Lmkmoviemaniac) August 6, 2015

#Srimanthudu - USA Premieres .. on right track. Big numbers can be expected.

— Jalapathy Gudelli (@JalapathyG) August 6, 2015

In the other news, just cant wait to watch #Srimanthudu tmrw. Never been this excited in the recent past, not even for #Baahubali ! #love ☺️

— Pravallika Anjuri (@ipravallika) August 6, 2015

Sivaparvati 3 days full #Srimanthudu pic.twitter.com/7mtU6mgkwB

— Thala (@ramprince92) August 6, 2015

@ZeeTVTelugu @shrutihaasan I sketched it 4 shruti ,,#srimanthudu hope u see it..! pic.twitter.com/0ZsiGJhotP

— Adeel Ahmed (@Krazzy4Adeel) August 6, 2015

#Srimanthudu story?? pic.twitter.com/YxZtXNQCEq

— ఆర్.కె. రెడ్డి (@Ntrfan_) August 6, 2015

#Srimanthudu #NJ Cinemark Hazlet Sold out pic.twitter.com/0gqOQnnKfD

— srimanthudunj (@SrimanthuduNJ) August 6, 2015

Will Ilayathalapathy Vijay Consider Mahesh Babu's Wish To Share Screen With Him http://t.co/Bzr9M5VKYd #Srimanthudu pic.twitter.com/FjLwjPZY6W

— Bollywood Updates (@BollyMastiMania) August 6, 2015

Kill piracy save TFI #srimanthudu #selvandhan pic.twitter.com/oVnmnTpTN1

— Super Sampangi (@supersampangi) August 6, 2015

.@pranitasubhash Best Wishes to #Srimanthudu Movie @urstrulyMahesh @shrutihaasan https://t.co/TNhdgcON2M #CelebratingSrimanthudu

— #Srimanthudu ✨ (@keshavchowdary) August 6, 2015

#Srimanthudu took Excellent Reviews in Overseas. Indian Cinema Magazine UAE 5*/5*, Nona Magazine Malaysia 4*/5*. pic.twitter.com/AnNafKlncF

— Kiaara Sandhu (@KiaaraSandhu) August 6, 2015

Mahesh Cutout At Mysore !! 👌👌👌 #Srimanthudu pic.twitter.com/CQpqLVdqBQ

— Krishna (@Balaram_Raju) August 6, 2015

Pre Release Celebrations in Maryland,US. Super 🌟 @urstrulyMahesh @MythriOfficial #CelebratingSrimanthudu #Srimanthudu pic.twitter.com/N9d8F4AFU6

— Maheshbabu Fan Club (@MaheshBabu_FC) August 6, 2015

@urstrulyMahesh we wish advanced congratulations to become a blockbuster srimanthudu 👍

— ganesh bandla (@ganeshbandla) August 6, 2015

Rachaa #Srimanthudu At Repalle pic.twitter.com/5SYm1cTFtI

— Superstar Fan (@Raj_4Prince) August 6, 2015

Here's the Release Date Teaser of #Srimanthudu! Let the celebrations begin! #CelebratingSrimanthudu - https://t.co/du71CeU7og

— #SrimanthuduOnAug7th (@MythriOfficial) August 5, 2015

So so excited for the release of srimanthudu tomorrow !!! So wish I was there to watch it with all of you

— shruti haasan (@shrutihaasan) August 6, 2015

.@urstrulyMahesh's visit 2 Chennai helped.Solid advance booking 4 #Srimanthudu (60 screens) & big buzz 4 #Selvandhan pic.twitter.com/EPKfX417lq

— Sreedhar Pillai (@sri50) August 6, 2015

Few scenes of #Srimanthudu gave me goosebumps - Koratala Siva in my interview http://t.co/lO8xlUQJPJ pic.twitter.com/o8y6pBmY3t

— idlebrain jeevi (@idlebrainjeevi) August 6, 2015

#Srimanthudu Releasing Huge in Telugu Tomorrow. Mayajaal allotted 22 Show. Massive @urstrulyMahesh @shrutihaasan pic.twitter.com/JAtHa7A4uk

— Kollywood Cinema (@KollywudCinema) August 6, 2015

Mesmerizing Smile 😍 @urstrulyMahesh #SrimanthuduOnAug7th #Srimanthudu pic.twitter.com/2MTNYe6ozv

— Maheshbabu Fan Club (@MaheshBabu_FC) August 1, 2015

"Content is the king in Srimanthudu! It's bigger than the star," says Mahesh Babu http://t.co/ivJsYrSubT pic.twitter.com/14tBpFRv6G

— idlebrain jeevi (@idlebrainjeevi) August 1, 2015

I have never seen mahesh looking more dashing and more charming than in Srimanthudu ..Eagerly waiting to watch it

— Ram Gopal Varma (@RGVzoomin) August 1, 2015

.@purijagan Best Wishes For #Srimanthudu : https://t.co/DHDTHZRPhH Thank you sir!

— #SrimanthuduOnAug7th (@MythriOfficial) August 1, 2015

Fabulous👌Excited to watch #Srimanthudu Tmrw 😍 Intresting story 🚴 🎥 #CelebratingSrimanthudu https://t.co/ElS7AlZdrF pic.twitter.com/QZRyrPAWld

— Mahi Manju (@Mahi_Manju) August 6, 2015

Best wishes to @urstrulyMahesh sir for #Srimanthudu film on behalf of all @Suriya_offl fans👍 #CelebratingSrimanthudu pic.twitter.com/B8qGbY3R0u

— Only Suriya Fans (@MassOfSuriya) August 6, 2015

#Srimanthudu Flexie @urstrulyMahesh @MythriOfficial :) pic.twitter.com/buyH7dMFYw #MaheshBabu

— Mahesh Babu (@ActorMaheshBabu) July 28, 2015

#Srimanthudu Banner At Gudiwada @urstrulyMahesh @MythriOfficial @sivakoratala :) pic.twitter.com/JpBRV6w56k #MaheshBabu

— Mahesh Babu (@ActorMaheshBabu) July 28, 2015

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