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Tue, Nov 13, 2018 | Last Updated 3:30 am IST

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- 1/5
HORA HORI REVIEW, RATING ఈ సినిమా రివ్యూ ను తెలుగులో చదవండి

What Is Good

  • Cinematography
  • Locals
  • Music

What Is Bad

  • Direction
  • Screenplay
  • Forced Comedy
  • Situation Less Songs
  • Fights
  • Dialogues
  • Lead Characters
  • Emotion less narration
  • Jayam typo climax.
Bottom Line: Teja Have Mercy On Audience.


Director Teja’ Hora Hori opens with a spanning panorama of a picturesque village called “Agumbe” with sheeny waters and fern fronds, where he introduces us to Skanda (Dileep), a proprietor of a printing press and his silly village issues. That when Mythili (Daksha) returns to the village and is psychologically troubled due to a punk Basawa (Chasya). That’s when family makes her join Lakshmi Bhai College for getting out of this psychological pressures. That’s when she meets up with Skanda starts getting out of the Basawa’s jinx. In a short time, Mythili is in love with Skanda, despite her brother’s disapproval. But with a twist of fate, Basawa becomes an object of challenge not only for his fear but also to win the hand of Mythili.

Star Performance

As I speak about the performances, Dileep really doesn’t know how to act in a film, despite getting act under Director Teja’s supervision. He needs to work a lot on his histrionics and especially controlling his hyper emotions while sentimental sequences. There is absolutely nothing to talk about Daksha either. She made to utter some real inane dialogues, and manages to draw in some flak for o real fault of hers. She looked good in her traditional attire. Ashwini sizzled in her small cameo. The rest of the supporting actors like Chasya, Rakesh, Raghava, Seema and Abhiram gave average performances.

Techinical Team

There is not much of a story in “Hora Hori” to tell, hence its efforts to make up for this very tangible liability is shown pretty bad. What do you do when you aren’t sure as to what you want to showcase and even worse, how you want to narrate it. The movie deserves a total thumbs down for the scatterbrained script and the technicalities that are surprisingly quite mediocre as well. If you plan to find a moment in a film that would make you want to break into applause, consider yourself lucky, but it’s very unlikely that you will find such a moment in the complete film.

The two main characters in Teja’s Hora Hori are just repeated from two of his successful films – the guy from Jayam and the girl character is an amalgamation of Avunnana Kadhanna, Nuvu Nenu with pinch of twist. With this “Hora Hori” has a screenplay that is a super mess from the start. The movie doesn’t have any plans to be an emotional drama and neither does it accomplish its task of bringing the entertainment that it had promised. The typing contest between the two villages is worst possible conflict director Teja has come across in his whole career. Talking about Kalyan Koduri’s music, it does justice to the rural flavor. But some songs should have at least been shortened. The Background Score is apt. Cinematographer Deepak Bagavanth needs to be appreciated for exploring the rural Karnataka rather than the stereotype version that has been shown since last decade. Editor Junaid should have used his scissors more. The length of 159 minutes is too high for this kind of film. It’s completely fails us to comprehend how the director Teja convinced maker like K L Damodhar Prasad to produce a film like “Hora Hori” on Ranjith Movies banner. Teja completely failed in every department, he has taken care of in the film.


In a rustic love story or story about relations, it is really important for the several turns in the story to be promising. Since that doesn’t happen much in Teja’s Hora Hori, it turns out to be director’s worst possible film till date. It’s terrible by any standards and has been scripted worse than Teja’s 1000 Abaddalu. On the whole, Hora Hori is like viewers fight for survival in theatres. Stay Away!

Cast & Crew

4 / 5 - 3184
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