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Mon, May 27, 2019 | Last Updated 10:48 am IST

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Mistakes in 'Harry Potter and Philosopher's Stone'

Mistakes in 'Harry Potter and Philosopher's Stone'
Mistakes in 'Harry Potter and Philosopher's Stone'
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone which released in 2001 is the very first start for the 'Harry Potter' franchise. In this movie, we saw the adventures of young boy who is destined to do great things. He joins  Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and how he tackles evil power forms the rest of the story. The movie was a hit and there are no qualms about it. But we find some mistakes and we bring them to you.

1. Bump while playing Quidditch


'Quidditch' is one of the games played in Hogwarts. In the first part when Harry plays it, we see some bumpy thing under Harry's trousers. (Not 'THAT' we mean). But what is that ?

2. Harry's looks changed


Harry has completely changed even before he started taking classes. In the two frames he will be seen in a new dimension. May be Cinematography error.

3. Crew Member's Hand visible


A crew member's hand was visible in one of the scenes and the hand grip's Ron's arm. The frame was clearly showing that the hand was trying to push Ron aside.

4. Electric wire in Hogwarts ?


Seems Hogwarts prefer Muggle tech ! We can see an electric wire where Hermione Granger was dangling from the wall.

5. Dudley is a Terminator ?


In the first shot of the movie, Mrs.Dudley was wearing a wire inside her costumes and the wire was clearly visible. Costume department failed to hide the wire and she looks like a Terminator.

Mistakes in 'Harry Potter and Philosopher's Stone'
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