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Thu, Oct 18, 2018 | Last Updated 11:25 am IST

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A feature film by one-man crew

A feature film by one-man crew
A feature film by one-man crew
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 Conventionally a feature film is made with the support of cast and most importantly crew but here is one man who became one-in-all behind the screen and successfully made a film. His name is P V Krishnan and the film is titled as ‘August 2’. The film had an online release recently and is getting good response.  Speaking about it, Krishnan reportedly mentioned that he spent around Rs 3 lakhs for the making and didn’t compromise on the production values. But he became the screenplay writer, cinematographer, editor, casting director, sound editor, visual effects artist, producer and also did a cameo in it.  It is heard that Krishnan read few books on ‘how to write a screenplay’ and that was enough for him to take off with the film. This has Rahul Azad, Sameer Rehman and Joyita Das in the lead. The film can be watched by clicking the below link- www.august2movie.in Krishnan can also be reached on 97398 58029
A feature film by one-man crew
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