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Fri, Feb 23, 2018 | Last Updated 12:16 pm IST

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Tweet Review: Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu Review, Rating - A Pawan Kalyan's Film

Tweet Review: Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu Review, Rating - A Pawan Kalyan's Film
Tweet Review: Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu Review, Rating - A Pawan Kalyan's Film
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07:45 Am [IST] Good Morning, tweetpals are you people Ready to flow in pawanism    

07:50 Am [IST] Magic of power star pawan kalyan is all over the theater surrounding, massive fire work at theater hall

07:52 Am [IST] Oh my god even hot chicks with collage bags are in the theaters and 30 percent of hall is filled up with girls      

07:54 Am [IST] Whistles, Screaming from fans, papers flying like dust, making theater look like mass festival place  

07:55 Am [IST] Film Starts with news channels reporting major events like politics, sports , which is interesting and looks good      

07:57 Am [IST] Film Starts With Nasser as coming of to AP state and he resembles late ysr and even uses padayatra word    

08: 00 Am [IST] Pawan entry in organe dress as Shown in trailers pawan looks stunning

08: 05 Am [IST] Ganga (Tamanna) as new Reports from NQ news channel , looks glam on screen

08: 07 Am [IST] Pawan is a Mechanic who reacts to any social disturbance that happens in society

08: 09 Am [IST] Ram Babu (pawan) is mechanic who not only repairs the vehicles but also people is just one punch dialogue from puri is good

08: 12 Am [IST] Item song “Jaram Vachindhi” From Gabrilie is a visual treat with her sexy moves and power dance steps are super                                                                                             

08: 14 Am [IST] Pawan joins in media in NC news channel by Ganga and Ali as social team head brought smiles for scenes

08: 16 Am [IST] TV actor Shruthi as Gundakka and pawan taking her interview is very funny ride in hall  

08: 19 Am [IST] Kota Srinivas rao looks in film with black glasses and white dress from tp to bottom

08: 22 Am [IST] Prakash raj (Rana Babu) dialogues about present political situation and wrong ways politicians use two to get in two , power brought claps in theater  

08: 24 Am [IST] Pawan’s first fight is very natural and powerful when he goes to interview Prakash raj

08: 35 Am [IST] Extraordinary Song is awesome on screen, Ganga (Tammana) Hot navel moves and pawan class dance steps are very extraordinary

08: 53 Am [IST] Fight Before Interval scene is one of the high lights in this film and pawans dialogue (vunchu kodaniki media vumpudu gatte kadhu) is super

Interval Wait eagerly to watch second half.

09: 09 Am [IST] Pawan walks out off from NC news channel and joins a new one where Gabrile is her team-mate and falls in love with pawan  

09: 30 Am [IST] Prakash Raj game plan to come of the state ,bring regional difference between people
09: 34 Am [IST] Pawans answer to telugu thalli controvese by singing national anthem showing unity of india is super

09: 36 Am [IST] Cat fight between thamanna and gabrile is funny to watch thamanna using censored language is nice

09: 36 Am [IST] Melikalu thiruthunte amayyo song has best dance movies of pawan, and hall filled with full of paper flies, claps and whistles

09: 54 Am [IST] Pawan comedy on news channels way off misleading actual news and this scene was mind blowing
10: 07 Am [IST] Pawans speech about no one reacting to social isssues and questions every human, shows dialogue power of puri

10: 09 Am [IST] Kadila ra song is very energitic

10: 21 Am [IST] Film ends with Prakash raj Shooting pawan and angered followers kills Prakash and last dialogue of pawan 'nenu ee rastranni pattinchukunta' gives end titles    

  Thank You all for spending your valuable time with us  

కెమెరామెన్ గంగతో రాంబాబు తెలుగు రివ్యూ || CMGR Full English Review   [Available from 12:30 pm IST]

Tweet Review: Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu Review, Rating - A Pawan Kalyan's Film
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