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Thu, Jul 19, 2018 | Last Updated 8:38 pm IST

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Shocking facts about Indians and Independence?

Shocking facts about Indians and Independence?
Shocking facts about Indians and Independence?
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India celebrated 70th Independence Day and while all of them talk about patriotism etc, in a survey it is comingout that many are unaware of the significance of independence. Podar Institute of Education conducted survey in the age group of 18 and 23 years, in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai shocking facts cameout. 

Shocking facts about Indians and Independence?

It was found only 10%, 12% and 8% of the respondents in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai, respectively , are unaware of the  colours of the national flag stand for.  They fared better after and the numbers shot to 22%, 35% and 20% after they were given options. 

In a shocker many couldn't even sing the national anthem correctly. less than 40% of the youth in the three cities could sing the full national anthem correctly. Only about 42% of the respondents in Mumbai, 34% in Bengaluru and 28% in Chennai could identify who wrote the national anthem.When given two options, about 53% in Mumbai, 49% in Bengaluru and 38% Chennai selected Rabindranath Tagore.

Shocking facts about Indians and Independence?

Many are unaware of why Independence day was chosen as 15 aug 1947.The date was chosen to satisfy Mountbatten's ego as on Aug 15,1947 Japan surrendered after it was attacked with nuclear bombs. It was the second anniversary of Japan's surrender and Mountbatten had been  Supreme Allied Commander of South-East Asia Command and had accepted the Japanese surrender himself in Singapore.

Shocking facts about Indians and Independence?

South Korea too celebrates Independence Day on Aug 15 and this only as if to celebrate Japan's surrender. Though Aug 15 was selected as Independence Day, partition happened only after two days. Pakistan changed its Independence Day to aug 14,1948 though it got independence on Aug 15 only. This because was the 27th day of Ramzan or some say it wanted its Independence Day one day a head of India.

India didnot achieve purna swaraj till 1950.India abolished the monarchy, becoming a republic on January 26, 1950. Pakistan remained a dominion right till 1956. Consequently, in 1953 when Elizabeth II was sworn in, one of her titles was "Queen of Pakistan".

Surprisingly Indians who hailed Gandhi and Nehru but also Mountbatten. Indian Army journal, Fauji Akbar stated “On both occasions the Governor-General, when he drove in his State coach, was acclaimed as no other Governor-General of India within living memory has been greeted. Cries of ‘Mountbatten Zindabad’ and ‘Lord Sahib Zindabad’ were heard.”

While the original program included lowering of Union Jack, Nehru skipped it on request of Mountbatten as it hurt the British sensibilities. Britishers who tortured India were given rousing farewell in Mumbai and Mountbatten estimates that there were “several hundreds of thousands” in reception with chants of "England Zindabad" and "Jai England" for, what was till the previous day, a colonial army of occupation.

Shocking facts about Indians and Independence?
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