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Had Facebook been there during Freedom Movement?

Had Facebook been there during Freedom Movement?
Had Facebook been there during Freedom Movement?
In the recent past power of social media has been immense and almost everyone is using either facebook, twitter,instagram and other social media to stay connected and keep in touch with the latest developments that are happening across the world. 

Some times many get interesting thoughts like what would have happened had facebook been existed during India's freedom struggle. It is known that India fought British oppression from 1857 -1947 and many sacrificed their lives during the freedom struggle. 

Many laid their lives and many suffered at the hands of the Britishers. Not only leaders, many innocents were massacred by the British in the incidents like Jalian Wallah Bagh etc. 

Now had the facebook existed during freedom movements many interesting and funny things would have happened. 

Had Facebook been there during Freedom Movement?

Had Facebook been there during Freedom Movement?

Had Facebook been there during Freedom Movement?

Had Facebook been there during Freedom Movement?

Had Facebook been there during Freedom Movement?

Had Facebook been there during Freedom Movement?

Had Facebook been there during Freedom Movement?

Jallianwallabagh Massacre 

Had Facebook been there during Freedom Movement?

Had Facebook been there during Freedom Movement?

Had Facebook been there during Freedom Movement?

Had Facebook been there during Freedom Movement?

Had Facebook been there during Freedom Movement?

Had Facebook been there during Freedom Movement?

Had Facebook been there during Freedom Movement?

Had Facebook been there during Freedom Movement?

Had Facebook been there during Freedom Movement?

Girls Status :

Awww...Bhagath Singh is super Hawt ^^ <

3Just saw Gandhi -feeling amazed. @Salt Satyagraha (53 secs ago)

Walls would be flooded with

:Please Like and Share "If you want Independence NOW"

1Like= 1 slap to Nathuram Godse(1200324 Likes)

Guys  Status:

 "British logon par Nuclear Bomb Phodna Chahiye,Gun tho Diwali mei bhi Chalathe hai"(Translation: One most stupid /Hilarious joke formation these daysHave to blast nuclear bombs on British,Because Gun are fired in the Diwali eve also, I know , not so funny in English ;) )

India's status

:In a relationship with Pakistan3 years ago.Posted on 1944

Complicated 6 months ago. Posted on 1946


These things would have happened

  • There would have been polls like who would be your next PM, Nehru or Patel andVallabhbhai Patel would have been the PM of country
  • Like for Subhash Chandra Bose, Share for M.K Gandhi
  • Event Advanced notification would have gone to all and Most people could have attended the Capital Punishment of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru
  • People would have been asked to deactivate their Facebook account in Swadeshi movement
  • Indian National army would have been made on Facebook
  • There would have been pages on undivided India
  • Facebook would have released Ad Based Campaign, To Promote Independence struggle pay 1800 Rs per day. To get Followers spend 10k per month. Funds would have been collected for promoting Independence struggle
  • Gandhi ji's video would have gone viral on Facebook like ganganam and why this kolaveri
  • Bhagat singh would have got Bomb Making training Online itself, no need to kidnap a chemical engineer for that.

British would not have allowed or rather banned Facebook, in the first place.Or, as for privilege of access to  prestigious places/things in those days prevailed, Facebook login page would have read—Indians and dogs not allowed on Facebook as well".*

Or, if Indians would have been allowed on Facebook,Britishers would have tracked IP addresses to get hold of patriots and freedom fighters, and busted up all their plans against the British raj. Something like The Project Prism would have been a common thing then.

Nehru in Love with Edwina mountbatten

Had Facebook been there during Freedom Movement?

Like For Nehru, comment for Jinnah share for Patel
Had Facebook been there during Freedom Movement?
Neta ji Subash Chandra Bose is at @peshwar
 Neta ji subash chandra Bose at @germany 
Neta ji subash chandra Bose at @japan 
Gandhi ji we need you here
 Nehru -Bhai kahan rehta hain tu  anyways Have a nice trip dude.
Patel- Dude snap Upload kar diyo.

  1. Had Facebook been there during Freedom Movement?
    #NOSelfie with the British at Non Cooperation Movement.
  2. Had Facebook been there during Freedom Movement?
    Gandhi is travelling at Dandi.
  3. Had Facebook been there during Freedom Movement?
    Share this until BRITISH leaves the country
  4. INDIA added a photo!
  5. Had Facebook been there during Freedom Movement?

Bhagat Singh's FB Status- "Golden Moment of life, About to get Hanged for mother country" - feeling honoured with Rajguru and Sukhdev at Lahore Jail 23 March 1931.

Indira Gandhi updates status
"Had a great time with my cutie pies in shouting slogans. Love u sweeties.... Muaaahhh....... :* " — with VijayaLakshmi Pandit, Kamala Nehru and Kasturba Gandhi at Quit India Movement Procession
.99 likes. 5 comments.
Kasturba Gadhi: We love u too sweetu, :*
Kamala Nehra: Awwwww.... U r the best. :)
Sarojini Naidu: You didn't invite me, bitch!!!!
Mahatma Gandhi: Kasturba, where were you all day baby? I missed you so much..... ♥
Feroze Gandhi: Thats my girl. You were looking really cool today.
10 mins later.Indira Gandhi likes her own status

Had Facebook been there during Freedom Movement?
Had Facebook been there during Freedom Movement?
Had Facebook been there during Freedom Movement?
Had Facebook been there during Freedom Movement?
Typical - 
  1. Status - Feeling angry! "Time to beat the crap out of these white men!" or Feeling sick - "In pain. The lathi charge was out of order".
  2. Check in - XYZ is at Bangalore with A,B,C,D. "Participating in the Quit India movement"
  3. Life event - "Jailed" for killing a British sergeant.
  4. Photo/Album - With Gandhiji and other eminent leaders at the INC meet.
Non Cooperation Movement:Not liking, sharing or commenting on posts by British government. Mohammad Ali Jinnah:Clicks Report Abuse on every Unity page. Status on Azad Hind Radio facebook page:British government caught in moving gold from India to UK. Feeling agitated at Bay of Bengal UndergroundKanjibhai and 2000 other people are going to an Event – Dandi March with Gandhiji.Listening to Sarojini Naidu at Azad Maidan. Best day ever!

1. British would have ensured that any admin on Facebook groups has to be certified by them.  Sure enough, most admins would have signed up with the British.  Anything for good money.2. Mahatma Gandhi would have been wondered why most ppl don't turn up for his sathyagrahas.  Apparently most ppl didn't see the event invites.  And those who turn up pose a photo with Mahatma Gandhi and post those on FB.  Over time, ppl stopped that practice since the British punished them.  Ppl couldn't advertize themselves and so stopped going to the sathyagrahas.  3. Facebook would have been profitable in 1910.   Why go to the stock exchange?  British could have easily funded them!4. With Indians, Facebook can't get a better population to test for free.  Outages would have occurred along the way and people would have postponed the freedom struggle until Facebook was brought back again.5. Facebook would have had 100 billion users by now. 95 billion in India.  94.5 billion anonymous users or fakes.6. Indians would have still been fighting for independence in 2013.   Instead of Americans outsourcing to them, Britishers would have been outsourcing. Not a big difference.

People would have been sitting with the computers and condemning the British rule and demanding for independence on their Facebook walls instead of actually fighting for it."Like if you want Independence""Share if you want British rule to end".Just like what we are doing now for our country!"Like if you want a greener India" (You need not plant. Just liking would give you a greener India)"Share if you XXX as the next PM (You need not go and vote. Chill at home. You shares will be counted as votes).

Gandhi might have been reduced to an Anna Hazare. Massive online support backed by a comparatively insignificant offline following. Countries can't be freed on social networking sites, while you are sitting on your couch and hitting away at every like button  you come across.

India probably wouldn't have got independence! Because nobody will actually go for Dandi march and Satyagrahas. They'll just like and share the pics, abuse the Britishers as much as possible and expect them to see all their support and run back to their country.

Hindustan Republican Assossiation added a new event to his timeline" Just robbed Kakori express , took back lots of gold \m/"-Feeling Happy with Rajendra Lahiri, Ashfaqulla Khan, Pandit Ram Prasad Bismil and Thakur Roshan Singh and 37 others at Kakori on August 9, 1925.

  1. I am the man responsible for the xxx massacre.2. I executed xxx terrorists. (  Freedom Fighters)

  • 15 things not to say to a british officer
  • 10 things to do when we will be independent.
  • 14 things only people who took part in Dandi march can relate to
  • 15 things you don't know about Bhagat Singh.
  • 13 signs we are going to be free.
  • 12 things to do when harassed by a british officer  

The walls would be filled with following advertisements from the then Ecommerce sites, 1. Gandhi Charkhas2. Gandhi Chashma3. Nehru Jackets The walls would have been flooded with following shares, 1. Social experiments on how public reacted seeing an Indian guy beaten up by British Sepoy2. AIB videos on 'Honest Protest'3.  "What happened Next" videos such as - "They guy from Sabarmati asked everyone to make their own salt watch it to see WHAT HAPPENED NEXT" The political posts, 1. Congress - Jawaharlal Nehru with others tagged as Yuva2. BJP - Talking about Gujrat, taking credit of Dandi March, advertising the Solar Pannel Installation at Sabarmati Ashram3. AAP - Posting Protest Events Invites around the country, protest not for freedom but against BJP & Congress 

  • Gandhiji created an event: "Dandi March-Walk from Sabarmati to Dandi" from March 12 to June 05, 1930
  • Pandit Nehru updated his status (with a selfie) "It's Me... The First Prime Minister of India, :D - Feeling Excited" (36452 likes)
  • Subhas Chandra Bose posted an update "Enjoying the trek - Traveling to Imphal with Azad Hind Fauj"
Had Facebook been there during Freedom Movement?

Rani Lakshmi Bai would be flooded with friend requests. 

News feed would have :

 'Sundar Javan Ladkiyo ko toh bahoot saare like miltey hain, Dekhte hay Rani Lakshmi Bai ke lie kitne aate hain.' 

'Bhagat singh was at Kakori with Chandrashekhar Azad and two others.' 


British officer : I am coming for you!! 


 Indian citizen : Bhaj, GPS off karna tha na.  

Update : Gandhi updated his profile picture 

 Comments : 

Citizen 1: Patle lag rahe ho.

 Citizen 2:He is still my hero.

<3  mwaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Duck faced selfies by women joining The Rani of Jhansi Regiment

.- Status updates by people will look something like 'XYZ was at Dandi with Mahatma Gandhi.'

- Memes of revolutionaries. E.g. a pic of Bhagat Singh with caption "I don't often bomb the Central Legislative Assembly. But when I do I start a revolution."

Had Facebook been there during Freedom Movement?

Jinnah and Nehru would 'unfriend' each other after the Lahore resolution or Pakistan resolution of the All India Muslim League in 1940 and Gandhi would be continuously sending 'friend suggestion' for Jinnah to Nehru and vice versa.

Had Facebook been there during Freedom Movement?

Mahatma Gandhi's status update with  this pic. Captioned "Jus' chillin' with mah villian'

  1. Round table conference might have done through video calling.
  2. People might have supported Gandhi through sharing his posts.
  3. Polls between Gandhi and Subash (like if you support gandhi share if you like subash).
  4. After boycotting  foreign goods  we might have adds of handicrafts and khadhi clothes in the right.
  5. For Movements like civil disobedience,quit india etc., gandhi might have created events..
  6. pictures of first flag hoist in 1931 have gone viral in fb and british government have passed IT act then.

  • India and Pakistan Partition-supporters please Like and
Haters please Comment...
  • Gandhi in dandi supporters please like and share and give comments for your support
  • Whom style of struggle for freedom, You're support please vote
     1.Gandhi     2.Nethaji

  • There would be a fight between Gandhi Followers and Subhash Chandra Bose's followers !! (like AK and Modi)
  • Also Fight After 1947 : Nehru vs Sardar ( Like for Sardar Comment for Nehru)
  • There would be pages like "Bharat Chhodo" , "Swaraj", "Inqlab Jindabad" with millions of followers .
  • persons have profiles like " Form: Lahor India"
  • After "Jaliavala Baugh Hatyakand" , 1like= 1slap..:( 

Had Facebook been there during Freedom Movement?
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