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Thu, Jan 18, 2018 | Last Updated 7:28 am IST

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Secret behind Roja's 'love' letter?

Secret behind Roja's 'love' letter?
Secret behind Roja's 'love' letter?
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YSRCP's fire brand leader Roja is now getting exposed on her 'love' letter. It is known that Jagan finding Roja exploding on AP CM Chandra Babu and taking him and his ministers on daily basis, gave her free hand. 

She got suspensed from the assembly for using foul language. Roja even fought the battle legally taking it to the supreme court but court asked her to settle the matter amicably with the assembly speaker. 

Now even after one year of suspension from the assembly, rumours are coming that efforts are on to suspend Roja for some more time. In the meantime Roja's love letter bomb exploded in YSRCP. 

While Roja is claiming that she wrote an apology letter to the speaker along with the party leaders, party leaders say they accompanied her only after she requested them to accompany her. 

Secret behind Roja

This love letter issue now reached Jagan Mohan Reddy. Roja according to sources in the letter to the speaker mentioned that she didnot abuse TDP leader Anita and if anyone is hurt then she would tender her apologies. 

Now TDP leaders are raising this letter issue in the assembly. Inside talk is Jagan questioned Roja why she gave apology letter without consulting him. While Roja said MP Vijaya Sai Reddy, MLC Ummareddy Venkateswarlu were present with her,they claim they went with her only after she called them. 

Secret behind Roja

In the midst of all this Roja and Jagan are saying there is no question of tendering apology. But TDP sources say Roja in her letter agreed to tender apology to Roja and if she goes back on her word,they would expose Jagan and Roja. It has to be seen what wil happen in the assembly session on Monday.

Secret behind Roja's 'love' letter?
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