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Sat, Mar 17, 2018 | Last Updated 10:06 am IST

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Land grabbing made easy in Hyderabad

Land grabbing made easy in Hyderabad
Land grabbing made easy in Hyderabad
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Politicians be it KCR,Jagan,Chandra Babu and others,they take pride in boasting that they developed Hyderabad into a world class city. However all of them including many others turn blind eye to land grabbing issue which his becoming a menace in the city troubling innocent people. 

The land grabbing scams are getting exposed one by one and politicians are trying to score only political points against each other. According to the latest it is comingout that the legal loopholes in the system of land registration, building permission and mutation of lands are helping encroachers to occupy private and government properties. 

Many police cases show that for encroaching lands they are creating fabricated documents to register with the stamps and registrations department in the first step. Net they approach the court by submitting the fake documents to get the order and get the land mutated. 

Land grabbing made easy in Hyderabad

Using these two documents the culprits approach either the HMDA or GHMC for developing layouts is the final step before occupying the targeted land.
An official from the registration department said “The Indian Stamps Act doesn’t allow a sub-registrar to refuse registration of any document, but he can put a document's registration on hold for some time. The cancellation of registrations is also not under his jurisdiction. Registration can be canceled if there is understanding between the parties involved, or on the recommendation of the collector, or as per the orders of a court,” 

Sometime back an official of the Chief Commissionerate of Land Administration said that junior staff used to collude with land grabbers and mutate land illegally. The official shared . “We have introduced ‘Maa Bhoomi’ portal to overcome this and given tab PCs to VRO to MRO, RDO and DRO for mutating property. Now, we can track who is mutating the lands and why,” 

GHMC commisisoner says “As per SC directions we are not insisting on a title deed or NOCs from the revenue department.”

Land grabbing made easy in Hyderabad
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