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Mon, Mar 19, 2018 | Last Updated 10:01 pm IST

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China to attack Pakistan?

China to attack Pakistan?
China to attack Pakistan?
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It is known that China and Pakistan are having strong relations only to counter India. While Pakistan is looking at China to save itself from the might of India, China unable to digest India's growing influence as global power is encouraging Pakistan to foment unrest through home grown terrorists in India. 

In the meantime China to suffocate India has taken One Belt One Road project into POK inside Pakistan. Recently two Chinese nationals were killed in Pakistan and ISIS claimed responsibility. Right after that incident, Chinese President refused to meet Pakistan President Nawaz Shariff and China too issued strong warning. 

China to attack Pakistan?

Many felt that Chinese forces will take strict action but what followed next is China and Pakistan underplayed the incident changing their stand saying the two were Chinese language teachers – were illegally preaching in Pakistan before they were killed. 

Pakistan Minister who earlier claimed that the Chinese nationals were killed, now claimed that they were abducted. In the meantime social media users in China are demanding their government send troops to Pakistan to seek payback for the killing of two Chinese nationals.

In Chinese twitter style social media platform Weibo, many called for revenge and punitive action. Here are some of the posts. 
“We shall start a war against IS, killing them on behalf of the two murdered Chinese,” said a user going by the name Zhou Qi Bei Hou.
“It is time to fight violence with violence,” another user, Lingchen99096, said.

China to attack Pakistan?
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