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Thu, Feb 22, 2018 | Last Updated 8:05 pm IST

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IPS officer D.Roopa transferred!!

IPS officer D.Roopa transferred!!
IPS officer D.Roopa transferred!!
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IPS officer D.Roopa who reported about the bribe offered by Sasikala to the jail officials has been transferred to another department.This news is truly shocking.D.Roopa was appreciated by Kiran Beddy for her guts to bring out this corruption in jail.

IPS officer D.Roopa transferred!!

She was the one to showcase that the punishment given to prisoners in jail is no longer a punishment but just a lock period with good interior facilities, good food, and many other facilities.

IPS officer D.Roopa transferred!!

Roopa got involved in the case after information was passed that prisoners were offered every facility including drug for an albeit price.This was even proved when the prisoners were checked for their blood test reports which showed 18 prisoners showed positive for Kanja.Now Roopa is transferred to some other department to subside this case!!Just guess how much would they have bribed Roopa's higher officials to get Roopa transferred!!

IPS officer D.Roopa transferred!!
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