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Sun, Nov 18, 2018 | Last Updated 8:32 pm IST

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EXCLUSIVE: Congress is a FOOL - M.V. Mysoora Reddy Interview by APHerald.com

EXCLUSIVE: Congress is a FOOL - M.V. Mysoora  Reddy Interview by APHerald.com
EXCLUSIVE: Congress is a FOOL - M.V. Mysoora Reddy Interview by APHerald.com
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M V Mysoora Reddy is a veteran congress man of AP  hailing from Kadapa . He represented  Kamalapuram assembly for several terms. Dr M. V. Mysoora  Reddy stopped practicing medicine and entered politics in 1981  and  joined the Congress and has remained there for 25 years. He served as Home Minister in  KVBR and as a Transport Minister in NJR cabinet cabinet. 

He quit Congress party in  2004 after  YSR became CM and joined Telugu Desam Party. which sent him to Rajya Sabha after he  contested  three LS elections  against  congress . He contested against  YS  Jagan  also and lost . In a short  Q and A  Mysura  Reddy opened up his  mind  about the happenings in the state .

APHerald.com: What  game plan you see in Congress granting  Telangana in such speed ?
Mr. Mysoora Reddy: Having failed control growth of  YS Jagan  they want to handle him through back door . By giving Telangana they aim to contin him in Seemandhra  only .

APHerald.com: What is your  opinion on T-impact on  Seemandhra  immediately ?
Mr. Mysoora Reddy: There could be no Krishna Water  for  fields in Rayalaseema if  the  T agitators want to block  it in Mahboobnagar . We already seen farmers of Kurnool and Mahboobnagar fighting for water for irrigation . It may become a state wide issue now .

APHerald.com: Politically what could be its impact on YSRC ?
Mr. Mysoora Reddy: Congress is a fool to think Jagan influence could be tamed in Telangana . They are not aware of  his following and popularity all over  the state . The  congress and Sonia Gandhi will be the looser in the final count .

APHerald.com: What do you think of TDP role in T issue ?
Mr. Mysoora Reddy: Chandrababu Naidu has to explain why and how he has conceded Telangana , if in heart of heart he was for Samaikhyandra as depicted by his MLA's now. Both TDP and congress are playing games with peoples lives and will pay a heavy price soon.

APHerald.com: Why do you think Sonia Gandhi did this  now  before  2014 polls ?
Mr. Mysoora Reddy: it is clear she did it for getting more seats from AP as Kiran regime had  given all signals of routing of congress against the tornado called Jagan . She wanted a decent number of MP's from AP and hence this trick .  I sincerely  feel that  Congress will be a looser in both  Telangana and also Seemandhra .

APHerald.com: Last question , You are a veteran of  1970's  in both congress and TDP . Tell us what made you to come to Jagan after fighting his father YSR for decades ?
Mr. Mysoora Reddy: YSR and myself were only political rivals. There was nothing personal between us . I felt very sad at what had happened to Jagan as a result of the political conspiracies of the congress men . I know for certain how YSR was also victimized  in the same fashion . Hence I decided to throw my weight behind him for what ever it is worth .
Exclusive Interview : Congress is a Fool M V Mysoora  Reddy
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