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Sun, Jan 21, 2018 | Last Updated 11:49 pm IST

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Baby hears mom's voice first time!! WATCH VIDEO

Baby hears mom's voice first time!! WATCH VIDEO
Baby hears mom's voice first time!! WATCH VIDEO
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A heartwarming video of Maggie, a South Carolina Toddler hearing his mother's voice for the first time in her life, has become viral. The baby was born with two defects, which left her without a fully developed right ear or its inner structures, ultimately impacting her hearing.

Baby hears mom

Maggie's family had captured the video where a clinician places the pink headband over Maggie's head, that helps the hearing aid stay in place, and as Maggie looks around slowly, the clinician assures Maggie's parents that it's common as she's hearing new sounds, and when Maggie's mom calls out "Maggie", the cute baby widens her eyes and gives a happy and surprised look. 

Research says that every year about 5000-7000 kids is born with microtia, a condition called as a small ear. Kids with microtia also have inner ear defect called aural atresia. Besides, there are reconstructive surgeries that can help children regain hearing, however, Maggie will be eligible for surgery only after turning 3.

You can watch the video by clicking the link below,

Watch Video by Clicking Here
Baby hears mom's voice first time!! WATCH VIDEO
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