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Thu, Sep 20, 2018 | Last Updated 9:33 pm IST

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Azhagesan is not a Romantic Hero - Nothing can justify Aswini's Brutal Murder!!

Azhagesan is not a Romantic Hero - Nothing can justify Aswini's Brutal Murder!!
Azhagesan is not a Romantic Hero - Nothing can justify Aswini's Brutal Murder!!
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The recent sensational news all over Tamilnadu, has been the gruesome murder of college Student Aswini (18) , by a 26 year old man, Alagesan. Of late, the media has begun to project Aswini, as a girl who had exploited the love of Alagesan and then ditched him, in the process, ultimately forgetting the fact that her murder could never be justified at all. The facts claimed by these media are that, Alagesan had spent almost 4 lakhs on Aswini's college fee, and this news came into light after police investigations, which was an outcome of anger from Aswini's family, who had earlier filed a complaint against him. 


While the media has just started its usual practice of glorifying a crime, making Alagesan look like a sympathetic romantic hero who helps his girl despite not receiving her love. the actual fact is that, he was someone who was selling water cans, and had no actual source for this 4 lakhs. Besides, on enquiry with Meenakshi Academy of Higher Education and Research, Aswini's educational costs would have come up to around 90-93000 in total for the 3 year course, as strikingly opposite to the 4 lakhs Alagesan has claimed to have spent. Besides, there has been no concrete evidence from Alagesan's side, to prove that he had indeed paid Aswini's educational expenses, be it any Ebills, or Fee Receipts. Other than the above claims, several media have also declared that Aswini and Alagesan had already married, and even this point put forth, has no solid evidence. 

 Azhagesan is not a Romantic Hero - Nothing can justify Aswini

It was then revealed that, Alagesan had once forcibly tried to tie a thaali around Aswini's neck, but that had never happened. While nullifying the crime done by Alagesan, several newspapers and online portals have also compared Alagesan to the hero of the yesteryear Tamil film Unnai Ninaithu,that starred  Suriya, where the hero does all the help for a girl, who never reciprocates his love. In the process of taking the blame off Alagesan and shaming her, the media has ultimately forgotten the very fact that the murder wasn't a right thing at first place, and it was only after multiple harassment incidents that Alagesan went to the extent of killing her. No wonder why media is in the receiving end, with such untrue, unethical articles and news writers existing. 

Azhagesan is not a Romantic Hero - Nothing can justify Aswini

Azhagesan is not a Romantic Hero - Nothing can justify Aswini's Brutal Murder!!
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