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Sun, Mar 18, 2018 | Last Updated 3:54 am IST

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No Special treatment for Karthi Chidambaram!!

No Special treatment for Karthi Chidambaram!!
No Special treatment for Karthi Chidambaram!!
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Karthi Chidambaram should not be given any special treatments or facilities, instructed Chief justice Sunil Rana.  Recently, Karthi Chidambaram was arrested in the cases of frauds and money laundering by INX group, when he had been arriving from London to Chennai, and the arrest took place at the airport itself. 


As he was presented before the Delhi Patiala Court, he was sentenced to four times imprisonment, and after the tenure of the 4th court arrest, as he was presented before Judge Sunil Rana. The CBI officials had requested the court to order Karthi Chidambaram's arrest.  Following the request, the judge immediately ordered the imprisonment of Karthi Chidambaram for 12 days in Tihar Jail. 

 No Special treatment for Karthi Chidambaram!!

As his father Chidambaram happens to be a former central minister, Karthi Chidambaram had requested the he wanted several facilities like Home food to be brought to the jail daily. However, Judge Sunil Rana didn't pay heed to his request, and denied his plea, ordering that Karthi Chidambaram should not be given any kind of special facilities or treatments as he has a political background. The justice had also ordered that Karthi Chidambaram must be treated like any other prisoner, and no separate cell/ VIP cell should be allocated to him. 

 No Special treatment for Karthi Chidambaram!!

No Special treatment for Karthi Chidambaram!!
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